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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Area: Outskirts
Requirements: Thieving Level 70
Perception: 600
Max Hit: 180
Experience: 73 XP

The Miner is one of the NPCS in the Thieving skill.


Successfully pickpocketing the Miner will always give 1 - 550GP

Possible Common Drops:

Up to one of these will be received on a successful pickpocket:

Item Qty Price Chance
Gold Ore 1 30GP 117/295 39.66%
Mithril Ore 1 65GP 12/59 20.34%
Adamantite Ore 1 88GP 87/1,180 7.37%
Runite Ore 1 100GP 57/1,180 4.83%
Dragonite Ore 1 135GP 33/1,180 2.80%
Total: 3/4 75.00%

The loot obtained from the average successful pickpocket is worth 40.21GP if sold.

Including GP, the average successful pickpocket is worth 315.71GP.

Possible Rare Drops:

Any of these can be received after a successful pickpocket:

Item Qty Price Chance
Bobby's Pocket 1 4,000GP 1/120 0.8333%
Chapeau Noir 1 32,000GP 1/20,000 0.0050%
Sneak-Ers 1 15,000GP 1/15,000 0.0067%

Possible Area Unique Drops

Any Area Unique Drop is equally likely to be obtained after a successful pickpocket. Each Area Unique Drop is rolled for separately, so it is possible to receive multiple Area Unique Drops from a single action. The chance of receiving an Area Unique drop is tripled if the 95% Thieving Mastery Pool checkpoint is active.

Item Qty Price Chance
Pile of Ores 1 460GP 1/500 0.20%
Pile of Logs 1 980GP 1/500 0.20%

Possible NPC Unique Drop

The chance of receiving the unique drop for an NPC is based on a combination of several factors. The unique drop chance for an NPC is included in the tooltip for your Stealth against that NPC. The unique drop for the Miner is Miner's Helmet.