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This page is out of date (v1.0.2).

This is a page for frequently asked questions, organized by category.
If you are new to the game, the Beginner's Guide is a good place to get started.

This is a work in progress. If you would like to submit a question, please ask on the wiki discussion on Discord (link here).

Although every effort is made to keep this page up to date, it may lag behind. If information on this page conflicts with information you see elsewhere, assume this page is the one that is incorrect.



Q: When can I farm for Amulet of Looting?

A: Full Mithril armor and weapons are fine if you are in a hurry. Just make sure you have Auto Eat - Tier I and lots of food. However, Adamant or Rune armour will make it much easier.

Q: What happens if you die?

A: When you die a random item from your currently selected Equipment Set will be lost forever. There is a chance that no item will be lost.

Q: What does a particular Combat Skill do?

A: Check out the beginner's guide for an overview of the combat skills. More detailed information about Combat mechanics can be found on the Combat page.

Q: Can I fight monsters offline?

A: Offline Combat exists as of v0.21 and can be enabled from the Settings menu.

Q: How does upgrading/trimming work?

A: Some items can be upgraded to improve their stats or to create new equipment. For more information, visit the Upgrading Items page.

Q: How is XP for Combat skills calculated?

A: XP is gained for Combat based on damage you do. Some skills like Prayer have XP that varies, so be sure to check their respective pages and see exactly how much XP it gives.

Q: Do Chapeau Noir and Aorpheat's Signet Ring work on dungeon chests? Do these items stack?

A: Yes. You have a chance to obtain 2 chests from a single dungeon completion with either Chapeau Noir or Aorpheat's Signet Ring equipped. The double loot drop chance stacks additively for a total of 15% chance to earn double loot.

Melee ( Attack, Strength, Defence)

Q: How do I level these and what do they do?

A: Check out the beginner's guide for an overview of the combat skills. More detailed information about Combat mechanics can be found on the Combat page. Basically, Attack level increases your accuracy and chance to hit, Strength increases your Max Hit, and Defence increases your melee evasion rating.

Q: Does Defence also increase your Ranged Evasion?

A: Yes, increasing Defence level will also improve your Ranged evasion.


Q: I had Auto Eat on, how did I die?

A: You died because you either ran out of food or the max hit of the enemy exceeded the threshold for Auto Eat. For example if you have Auto Eat - Tier I, it has 20% health threshold and you have 100 HP. As the threshold for Auto Eat to trigger would be <=20 HP, an enemy with a max hit >21 could kill you without ever triggering Auto Eat.

Q: Is it possible to get above 990 Hitpoints?

A: Yes. Finn, the Cat provides +10 maximum HP, and Dragonfire Shield provides +30 maximum HP. Also, some obstacles in Agility can increase your maximum HP.


Q: Is Ranged worth leveling?

A: Yes. Ranged has better clear times than melee for many different combat scenarios. However, you will need to craft or find ammo.

Q: What is the best way to level up Ranged?

A: Use longbows. Use Accurate attack style when you're below Ranged Level 5 and Rapid later. Check out the Combat/Guide#Ranged for equipment and milestones.


Q: Is Magic worth leveling?

A: Yes, Magic is extremely effective at killing melee monsters, and most of the monsters in the game are melee. Most monsters have low Magic evasion, so you can kill them faster than with other styles. Also, Ancient Magicks are very useful in certain situations.
In addition, there are a variety of useful non-Combat spells that can be used via Alternative Magic, including Blessed Offering, the most efficient way to generate Prayer points, and the Superheat series of spells that generates multiple bars per set of ores used and at the highest tier allow you to smelt bars without needing any Coal.

Q: How do I make Magic weapons and armor?

A: In addition to runes, the Runecrafting skill allows you to craft Magic weapons and armour, similar to how the Smithing skill works for melee combat.

Q: Do staves make spells require less runes?

A: Yes. When equipped, staves reduce the number of Air, Water, Earth, or Fire runes needed for spells, depending on the staff type.

Q: What is the best way to level up Magic?

A: See Magic/Training.


Q: Does burying bones give Prayer XP?

A: No, they give you prayer points, used to activate prayers during Combat. Most prayers will give you Prayer XP while active, unless specified.

Q: What is the number next to Prayer in the sidebar?

A: That is your Prayer Points. Prayer Points are used to cast highly useful Prayers in Combat. You can train your Prayer skill only by casting prayers in the combat.


Q: How do I get Slayer XP?

A: Completing Slayer Tasks will give you Slayer XP equal to 10% of that monster's HP. Alternatively, defeating any monster in Slayer Areas will give you XP equal to 5% of that monster's Hitpoints. These can be combined, so if the player's Slayer Task is to kill a monster in a Slayer Area, they'll receive XP equal to 15% of that monster's HP.

Q: How do I get Slayer Coins? What is the number next to Slayer in the sidebar?

A: Slayer Coins are displayed in the sidebar next to the Slayer skill and in the Shop next to total GP. Slayer Coins can only be earned by completing Slayer Tasks. Monsters killed for Slayer Tasks earn Slayer Coins and Slayer experience points equal to 10% of the slain monster's Hitpoints.

Non-Combat Skills

How do I level a skill?

Please see the Skill Training Guides.


Q: How did I get a Bird Nest?

A: Bird Nests have a 0.5% chance to drop every time a tree is cut. This chance can be increased with by various means, listed on the Woodcutting page, under Skill Boosts.

Q: Why do Redwood Logs sell for so little money? Shouldn't they sell for more than Magic Logs?

A: Cutting the Redwood Tree compared to the Magic Tree trades GP for XP. Redwood Tree gives more XP, and Magic Tree gives more GP.


Q: Do I need to keep the Message in a Bottle?

A: Once the Message in a Bottle has been read, the item no longer has any use and can be sold. Any further bottles found will also have no effect.

Q: Does Junk do anything?

A: Rope can be upgraded into Bowstrings, and other fishing junk can be turned into gems with the use of Rags to Riches I.

Q: What is the best fish to grind special items?

A: Raw Seahorse is currently the best special item chance for least catch time, although Raw Skeleton Fish are not that far behind in terms of catch time and are much more useful as they can be buried for Prayer Points.

Q: How did I get a Treasure Chest?

A: When you roll a Special Item, there is a 3.72% chance to get a Treasure Chest.


Q: What's the point of this skill?

A: Increasing the Firemaking skill level allows the player to purchase higher tier cooking fires from the Shop. Also, the Firemaking Skillcape (which is purchasable from the Shop upon reaching Firemaking Level 99) provides a 5% global experience bonus. Furthermore, getting 99 Mastery on each log will give further global Mastery experience.


Q: What is the difference between Passive and Active Cooking?

A: Passive Cooking is slower, cannot Perfect cook, and grants no XP or Mastery. However, it can be done at the same time as Actively Cooking other items.


Q: Do Gem Gloves make a profit?

A: Yes. If all the charges from the Gem Gloves are used and the gems obtained are sold, the expected profit is around Coins.svg 262,000.

Q: What are gems for? Should I sell them?

A: Gems are used for Crafting jewelry and brewing some potions, Fletching Gem Tipped Bolts, and making Devil tablets in Summoning. Gem Gloves give players a reliable way to collect more gems, so it's acceptable to sell them early on for GP.


Q: Do I have to level Smithing to do Combat?

A: It is possible to find armour as loot when killing monsters, so leveling Smithing is not technically required.


Q: Does Damage Reduction from armour work when thieving?

A: Yes. The damage taken when stunned is reduced by any Damage Reduction you currently have.

Q: Is it possible to die offline?

A: Yes. If you died when Thieving, you will be notified when you enter Melvor Idle.


Q: How do I start Farming? Why can't I plant my seeds?

A: At the beginning of the game, you can only grow Potatoes, which require 3 Potato Seeds to plant. As your skill level increases, you will be able to plant more things, including herbs and trees.

Q: Why are my plants disappearing once the timer is done?

A: Your plants have a base 50% survival rate. If they survive, then you can harvest them, but if they didn't, you get nothing. You can purchase Compost and Weird Gloop from the shop to increase the survival chance of a plant.


Q: Can I get arrows without Fletching?

A: Yes. Some monsters drop arrows when killed, so it's possible to level Ranged without Fletching.


Q: Why can't I buy Black Dragonhide from the Shop?

A: Black Dragonhide can only be looted from a Black Dragon.


Q: How do you get Runecrafting to a high level? Runes give so little XP.

A: Crafting Combination Runes provides much more XP than regular Runes do, and the 25% Mastery Pool bonus increases base XP for Runes by 250%.


Q: I made a potion, how do I use it?

A: To use a potion, go to the skill that the potion is for. If it is a combat potion, go to the Combat page. At the top right of the screen there is a button with an empty potion that you can press, and from there you should be able to select any potions you have in your inventory for that skill. Note the "toggle Auto-Reuse" option - having that active means that when the potion you're using runs out of charges, it automatically starts using another potion of the same type.

Q: How do you get higher tier potions?

A: You level up the mastery for that potion until it automatically switches the tier to the next level. The tiers are:
  • 'Tier 1:' Mastery level 1.
  • 'Tier 2:' Mastery level 20.
  • 'Tier 3:' Mastery level 50.
  • 'Tier 4:' Mastery level 90.
Also note that it is possible to get a potion of a random tier when using an Herblore Potion.

Q: How do I craft a potion of a lower tier for the Completion Log?

A: The Herblore Potion gives you a chance to create an additional potion of a random tier, while making potions.


Q: A Wiki page was missing some information I think should be there, can you please add it?

A: The Wiki is a work in progress and we try to update it with as much information as possible. When new patches are released, the Wiki lags behind while new information is added. If you think something should be added to the Wiki, please let us know on Discord in #wiki-discussion.

Q: I've heard people using certain acronyms/abbreviations before, what do they mean?

A: Please refer to the Glossary page, which contains many of the abbreviations commonly used by the community.


Q: I'm level 99 in a skill, what is a skillcape?

A: They can be found in the Shop, for Coins.svg 1,000,000, under 'Skillcapes'. These provide a bonus to the skill the skillcape is for when equipped.

Q: Can gloves stack charges?

A: Yes. You can buy them multiple times and all charges will stack into 1 glove (of that type. Ex: 4000 charges on one pair of Gem Gloves).

Q: Do I just use all my Mastery Tokens?

A: Yes, use them as soon as you acquire them. There is no benefit to holding onto them unless you are at or near 100% Mastery Pool, it's wasted Bank space.

Q: Do I have to manually start a dungeon every time?

A: No. You can enable the Auto Restart Dungeon option in the menu.

Q: How many Bank slots are there?

A: You can get as many as you'd like, but after purchasing 118 slots the price maxes out at Coins.svg 5,000,000 per slot. Bank slots can also be gained by using Bank Slot Tokens. However, Hardcore Mode has a 100 bank slot limit from the Shop, but Bank Slot Tokens can still be used to increase the amount of bank slots past 100.

Q: I lost X item because my Bank was full/because I died. Can I get it back?

A: Unfortunately once an item is lost there is no way to recover it. The exception to this is items purchased from the Shop - like Skillcapes - which can be repurchased at their original price.

Q: This skill is taking forever to level, what am I doing wrong?

A: Skills typically take longer to level the higher they get and players often measure their progress in hours or days. There are also Skill Training Guides available on the wiki. You may find additional information on Discord about how to level optimally.

Q: Is 99 the level cap? How are levels displayed past 99?

A: Levels only have a mechanical impact up to 120, past that Virtual Levels must be turned on in Settings to keep track. Virtual Levels are a purely visual change allowing the player to see their experience level past 120. After v0.15, Mastery levels are hard capped at 99.

Q: Where did this Gold Topaz Ring come from?

A: Gold Topaz Ring is an item which is given to the player in place of an Aorpheat's Signet Ring piece, when the requirement of wearing a Gold Topaz Ring is not met. See Signet Ring Half (a) and Signet Ring Half (b) for more details on how to find the Aorpheat's Signet Ring.

Q: Where can I see which Pets I have unlocked?

A: Unlocked pets can be viewed within the Pets section of the Completion Log, which can be accessed from the left-hand side menu.

Q: Do I need to equip a Pet for the effect to be active?

A: No. If you have unlocked a pet then the effect will be forever active, whether you want it to or not.

Q: The game is running slower than I expected in Chrome/Firefox/Edge, what's going on?

A: Your browser may be throttling Melvor Idle while the tab is in the background/not visible. For potential solutions, see: Mitigating Browser Throttling.

Q: Is there an experience cap or maximum item stack?

A: There is no limit that you can reach. The only limit to experience or number of items you can have is the limit in Javascript as MAXIMUM_SAFE_INTEGER. This is 2^53-1 or 9,007,199,254,740,991.


Q: I forgot my password, can I recover my account?

A: Click the "Forgot Password?" button on the login page and follow the instructions.

Q: My save isn't loading/is broken, how can I fix it?

A: If "Fix my Save" in Account Settings doesn't work and you can't reload an older save, there may be another issue preventing your save from working. If it doesn't work, ask on the official Discord.

Q: Will there ever be a save reset?

A: No, there are currently no plans for a save reset.


Q: Is this game on mobile?

A: Yes. There is currently a free version and a paid version available on Android devices, as well as an iOS version.

Q: Does Melvor Idle have a Steam release?

A: Yes, Melvor Idle can be found on Steam here.

Q: What are the benefits of the Steam version?

A: In addition to providing access to the full game, the Steam version provides achievements, trading cards, no throttling (which can slow down game play in web browsers), plus all of the usual Steam features such as tracking time played.

Q: Can I use the same save between the mobile/browser/Steam versions?

A: Yes, by signing into Melvor Cloud on each platform your saves will be synced between devices. Note that:
  • You will likely have to load from cloud saves when switching between versions/devices, compare the last save time of your local and cloud saves to ensure you are using your latest save
  • The same save should not be used on multiple versions/devices at the same time, as doing so may result in a loss of progress
  • For additional information, please refer to Save Management.

Changes and upcoming features

Q: Where can I find upcoming changes?

A: You can see all of the planned major upcoming changes on the Roadmap. Additionally, upcoming changes are posted on Discord and occasionally on Reddit.

Q: Will there be a prestige system?

A: No. The developer is not in favour of prestige systems and currently has no plans to add them.

Q: Will X feature be added to the game?

A: Suggestions from players on what to add to the game are welcome. Join the official Discord, check out if your suggestion is in #frequent-suggestions, and if not then post your prompt in #suggestions.

Q: Will there be leaderboards?

A: There are no plans for leaderboards in the immediate future, as much of the development time is being spent working on other features. There is a possibility that there will be leaderboards in the future, although the way they'll be implemented is still undecided.

Supporting the game

Q: How can I support the game?

A: A lot of people find Melvor through word of mouth, so sharing it helps the community grow. If you want to help in more tangible ways, you can purchase Premium or a copy of the Steam version. Alternatively you can support the game through Patreon. However, it should be noted that Melvor will never have microtransactions.

Q: Is this game open source? Can I help develop it?

A: Although the code has not been protected from viewing, Melvor is not open source. The developer isn't currently looking for help developing the game.