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This page is out of date (v0.20).

Melvor Cloud is the system used by Melvor Idle to back up saves in the cloud. Once an account with Melvor Cloud is registered, the player must remain logged in to continue saving to the cloud. See FAQ#Saving for common questions.

Melvor Cloud will initially upload the player's save 15 minutes after a character is first selected, the duration between uploads then doubles for each subsequent upload up to a maximum of 16 hours between uploads. In other words: The first upload will occur within 15 minutes, the second will occur 30 minutes after that, the third after 60 minutes, and so on.

If desired, players can force an upload on demand by clicking the "Force Save" button found within the top-right corner of the page when signed in to Melvor Cloud.

Melvor Idle version v0.21 (Released: 13th August 2021)
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