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This article is about training the Magic skill. For the skill itself, see Magic.


  1. Do Alt. Magic until Magic Level 43 for Wind Wave. Upgrade your wands, spells, and armour accordingly as your Magic level increases.
  2. Make the Air Adept wizard gear and choose a monster to fight with the Combat Simulator. It will likely be the Giant Crab.

The comparison of Combat and Alt. Magic can be found in the following spreadsheet: (link).

The Combat method starts to be better than Alt. Magic in terms of XP gain almost right from the start. However, in order to maintain that edge over the Alt. Magic method, you need to check the game more often.

For Alt. Magic, you need to prepare a disposable item, such as Cheese from the Shop, then craft a Staff of Air and some Nature Runes. After that, you can leave the Just Learning spell to idle. The same steps apply to most other Alt. Magic skills - you come back, prepare a disposable item and runes for the next idle session, and idle.

For Combat, you need to change your gear regularly in order to have an advantage over the Alt. Magic option. Depending in your involvement, you can go through the whole spectrum of Wizard Robes because each of them has slightly higher Magic requirement than the previous one. In addition to that, you need to prepare food and to come back before it runs out.

After Magic Level 14, the Combat method starts to have an advantage. If you have food, runes, and you are okay with checking the game every so often, then you can switch to Combat straight after Magic Level 14.

For the approach with less involvement, Alt. Magic is a way to go - use the highest level spell you can and stop on Blessed Offering to accumulate Prayer points. You will need at least 250,000 prayer points if you are just starting, so you can continue casting this spell until Magic Level 78 when you unlock the Fire Expert gear to prevent any further armour swaps.

Alternative Training (delayed Magic Leveling)

Alternatively, players can delay their Magic leveling for some time, training after reaching 100 Volcanic Cave clears for ancient magic. You will need Runecrafting Level 85 in order to craft Ancient Runes. One advantage is saving on Bank space, as you will not need a large stockpile of runes to begin with. You will also have the opportunity to acquire many powerful items to accelerate your leveling, including Ring of Spirit Power.

Required Skills

Both can loot Wizard's Scrolls, Prayer Scrolls, and a large assortment of runes.

Recommended Skills



Farm the Giant Crab using Wind Strike, or the Mummy if you want to farm Amulets of Strength. This can be done all the way until Magic Level 70, but you can actively switch targets and upgrade your gear for faster leveling. Switch to higher level Wind spells if you choose to do this. This can use up to 4500 runes per hour assuming no conservation bonuses. Food should not be necessary unless you are switching targets actively, but it's always safer to have some.

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