Malcs (aka MrFrux)

From Melvor Idle
Malcs in his natural habitat.

Malcs, also known as MrFrux on Reddit, is the creator and a developer of Melvor Idle, and Founder/Owner of Games by Malcs. He is from and currently living in Australia, specifically Perth. Perhaps we'll learn more about him as time goes on.

It has been said Malcs may work for McDonalds (Maccas in Australia) based on his profile picture in the Melvor Idle Discord (Note from Malcs: This ain't true), but with his time taken up by full-time game development, it is unlikely he would be able to work a second job and still push out regular updates and bug fixes.

He also is a Golbin Enthusiast, as shown on reddit. Plus, he is fond of scattering 69s and 420s throughout the game and also putting meme items in the game once in a while. For example Bank Slot Tokens have a sale price of 6969, and Items like 8, Lemon, Lemons, Lemonade, and Candy Cane are examples of meme items. Although the UI has changed in an update and isn't visible anymore, Sell All sets your sell quantity to 69696969696 in the code.