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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).

Dungeon Mechanics

Most dungeons are fixed battles with the same order and type of monsters every time they are undertaken. There are a couple exceptions to this, being Into the Mist, Impending Darkness Event, and Lair of the Spider Queen, the order in which monsters spawn for these dungeons is explained on the respective dungeon pages. For all dungeons, except God Dungeons, there is no reward for killing individual Monsters in the dungeon and instead the reward is triggered on the completion of each dungeon. For God Dungeons, Shards are rewarded after each killed monster.

Dungeon Limitations

Whilst in a dungeon the player cannot change Food types, change items, or change Equipment sets. After finishing a dungeon, the dungeon must be left in order to change food, items or sets again. The equipment swap restrictions can be removed by purchasing the Dungeon Equipment Swapping upgrade from the Shop for 30,000,000GP.

Auto Restart Dungeon

Once a dungeon is completed the game will cease combat and will not restart the dungeon, this can be changed in the Settings of the game. Set "Auto Restart Dungeon" to enable and the dungeon will be reattempted once completed.

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