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This page is out of date (v1.0.3).
This article is about training the Woodcutting skill. For the skill itself, see Woodcutting.


Cut the two highest level trees available, while avoiding Magic Logs (item).svg Magic Trees due to their lower XP per hour compared to most of the lower level trees. Make sure to purchase Axes when they become available from the shop. The table below assumes you have the Multi-Tree (upgrade).svg Multi-Tree upgrade; if you haven't purchased it yet, simply cut the higher level of the two listed logs.

Level Trees
1-10 Normal Logs (item).svg Normal Trees
10-25 Normal Logs (item).svg Normal Trees & Oak Logs (item).svg Oak Trees
25-35 Oak Logs (item).svg Oak Trees & Willow Logs (item).svg Willow Trees
35-45 Willow Logs (item).svg Willow Trees & Teak Logs (item).svg Teak Trees
45-55 Teak Logs (item).svg Teak Trees & Maple Logs (item).svg Maple Trees
55-60 Maple Logs (item).svg Maple Trees & Mahogany Logs (item).svg Mahogany Trees
60-90 Mahogany Logs (item).svg Mahogany Trees & Yew Logs (item).svg Yew Trees
90-99 Yew Logs (item).svg Yew Trees & Redwood Logs (item).svg Redwood Trees

Selling logs is advisable to make it possible to purchase essential upgrades such as Axes or Multi-Tree (upgrade).svg Multi-Tree, but this might slow down Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking, so keeping some is recommended. It is also possible to sell the Bird Nest (item).svg Bird Nests that are produced, which are worth more unopened on average compared to selling the seeds after opening. However, you should consider opening enough for Farming (skill).svg Farming. Keep any Strawberry Seeds (item).svg Strawberry Seeds for Gentle Hands Potion I (item).svg Gentle Hands Potions.


Below is an automatically generated list of boosts that will speed up leveling. However, none of the boosts are necessary to reach 99, and can be easily skipped.


Action Time

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