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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about training the Woodcutting skill. For the skill itself, see Woodcutting.

Levels 1-99: Base Game

Cut the two highest level trees available, while avoiding Magic Trees due to their lower XP per hour compared to most of the lower level trees. Make sure to purchase Axes when they become available from the shop. The table below assumes you have the Multi-Tree upgrade; if you haven't purchased it yet, simply cut the higher level of the two listed logs.

Level Tree 1 Tree 2 XP Cut Time XP/s
1-10 Normal N/A 10 3s 3.33
10-25 Oak Normal 28 4s 7.08
25-35 Willow Oak 40 5s 8.15
35-45 Teak Willow 56 6s 9.40
45-55 Maple Teak 80 8s 10.00
55-60 Mahogany Maple 110 10s 11.00
60-90 Yew Mahogany 152 12s 12.67
90-99 Redwood Yew 280 15s 18.67

Selling logs is advisable to make it possible to purchase essential upgrades such as Axes or Multi-Tree, but this might slow down Firemaking, so keeping some is recommended. To further this goal, Magic Trees are usually worth cutting until Redwood Trees are unlocked as they are worth a large amount of GP.

It is also possible to sell the Bird Nests that are produced, which are worth more unopened on average compared to selling the seeds after opening. However, you should consider opening enough for Farming.

Seeds worth keeping include:

Levels 40-99/102: Atlas of Discovery Expansion

To take advantage of the new trees available in the Atlas of Discovery Expansion, it is necessary to first discover Ritual Site, which requires Cartography Level 80. Players who also have Throne of the Herald Expansion should note that the experience rate of Unholy Tree is superior to Spruce Tree, and can be substituted in the TotH 99-120 table below. With Carthulu and Terran Dungeon Ruins and all other bonuses, Unholy Tree is superior to Grove Tree and Elderwood Tree as well. However, this means that you will not get any Raven Nest for all your Woodcutting through 115, so it might not be worth it.

Level Tree 1 Tree 2 XP Cut Time XP/s
40-55 Unholy Teak 119 9s 13.33
55-60 Unholy Mahogany 143 10s 14.33
60-90 Unholy Yew 180 12s 15.00
90-99 Redwood Unholy 304 15s 20.33

Atlas of Discovery Expansion also introduces a few useful items which are acquired from Archaeology. Golden Wreath provides +4% Non-Combat Skill XP and is relatively easy to acquire. Candelabra (Lit) provides -3% Non-Combat Skill Interval and +4% Non-Combat Skill XP, but acquiring it is slow enough to potentially not be worth it. A good rule of thumb is that if the tree's duration is longer than 15s, Candelabra (Lit) probably is worth it; especially since you do not use them that quickly with slow duration trees.

Levels 99-120: Throne of the Herald Expansion

With added content from the Throne of the Herald Expansion, Woodcutting becomes more complex for obtaining optimal XP rates. As always, make sure to purchase Axes when they become available from the shop, there are new Axes for level 100+ content that are required for cutting trees of a certain level.

Maximizing the amount of interval reduction is key! Due to the way these modifiers stack additively, missing even a few can be a major hindrance in the amount of experience earned over time. For example, Redwood Trees with all other available bonuses can go from 989k XP/h to 3,758k XP/h simply by adding Stepping Stones.

XP rates will vary drastically based on the player's mastery level in each tree and how many relevant bonuses they are using. As usual, always make use of Multi-Tree. The following table will try to provide an approximate guide using most of the available buffs, though the player should always check for themselves or use a mod like ETA to be sure:

Level Tree 1 Tree 2 XP Cut Time XP/s
99-100 Redwood Yew 280 15s 18.67
100-102 Redwood Spruce 356 18s 19.78
102-105 Redwood Hornbeam 459 22s 20.86
105-110 Redwood Grove 566 25s 22.64
110-115 Elderwood Redwood 657 27s 24.33
115-120 Revenant Elderwood 742 30s 24.76

Since the player will be spending a lot of time on the same logs, and due to Multi-Tree and the generally very high XP rates available in Woodcutting with the appropriate buffs, it is very likely the player will complete Mastery on multiple Trees while leveling. It is therefore advised to work start cutting a different tree even if it is a skill XP loss, the time gained in Mastery completion will be more useful overall.

Raven Nests are a great way to unlock seeds for Farming and also include fragments for the Meteorite Woodcutting Amulet and Meteorite Woodcutting Ring, which also provide Firemaking XP equal to 10% of the Woodcutting XP the player earns. Raven Nests only drop while cutting at least one Tree that has a level requirement of 100 or greater.

Levels 1-99/120: Ancient Relics Mode

For Ancient Relics players, Woodcutting Lesser Relic is dropped while training Woodcutting, and provides -5% Woodcutting Interval. There are also many extremely useful bonuses from unlocking Ancient Relics while training. Namely, the Woodcutting Master Relics which grants an addition +1 Tree Cut Limit. Combined with Multi-Tree, the player could cut three trees at once. The table below shows theoretical XP rates with the Woodcutting Master Relic already unlocked.

Level Tree 1 Tree 2 Tree 3 XP Cut Time XP/s
1-10 Normal N/A N/A 10 3s 3.33
10-25 Oak Normal N/A 28 4s 7.08
25-35 Willow Oak Normal 57 5s 11.48
35-40 Teak Willow Oak 78 6s 13.15
40-45 Unholy Teak Willow 159 9s 17.73
45-55 Unholy Maple Teak 164 9s 18.33
55-60 Unholy Mahogany Maple 193 10s 19.33
60-65 Unholy Yew Mahogany 252 12s 21.00
65-90 Unholy Yew Cursed 274 13s 21.15
90-100 Redwood Unholy Yew 405 15s 27.00
100-102 Redwood Unholy Spruce 505 18s 28.11
102-105 Redwood Hornbeam Unholy 642 22s 29.19
105-110 Redwood Grove Hornbeam 787 25s 31.50
110-115 Elderwood Redwood Grove 944 27s 34.97
115-120 Revenant Elderwood Redwood 1,102 30s 36.76


Below is an automatically generated list of boosts that will speed up leveling. Remember that these are all optional.


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