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This page is out of date (v1.0.2).
This article is about training the Firemaking skill. For the skill itself, see Firemaking.


While Firemaking, the player has the option to light a bonfire at the cost of 10 logs. This action itself does not give experience; bonfires instead provide bonus experience for Firemaking when lit. Generally, this is not worth the effort, as the fire must be relit manually each time and consumes a great deal of logs.

Instead of lighting bonfires manually, players should use Controlled Heat Potion I (item).svg Controlled Heat Potions, which will relight bonfires for free after the first has been lit. It is not advisable to fully level up Firemaking without these potions, as the bonus is significant. It requires only Herblore Level 20, as well as Mahogany Logs (item).svg Mahogany Logs. This can be combined with the Devil (item).svg Devil and Bear (item).svg Bear Summoning synergy for another 5% bonus XP, if available.

Log Bonfire Bonus XP Firemaking (skill).svg Level Time Lit Potion Doses p/hr
Normal Logs (item).svg Normal Logs 5% 1 0 min 20 sec 180
Oak Logs (item).svg Oak Logs 10% 10 0 min 30 sec 120
Willow Logs (item).svg Willow Logs 15% 25 0 min 40 sec 90
Teak Logs (item).svg Teak Logs 20% 35 0 min 50 sec 72
Maple Logs (item).svg Maple Logs 25% 45 1 min 00 sec 60
Mahogany Logs (item).svg Mahogany Logs 30% 55 1 min 10 sec 51.4
Yew Logs (item).svg Yew Logs 35% 60 1 min 20 sec 45
Magic Logs (item).svg Magic Logs 40% 75 1 min 30 sec 40
Redwood Logs (item).svg Redwood Logs 45% 90 1 min 40 sec 36

Note that:

  • The With Bonfire section assumes that Controlled Heat Potion I (item).svg Controlled Heat Potions are active, as such the number of logs excludes logs used to light bonfires. Further, using Controlled Heat Potion I (item).svg Controlled Heat Potions is highly recommended due to the significant time and log saving they provide.
  • The below table assumes no XP bonuses or burn time reductions apply. In reality, the time experienced by the player will be lower than is stated below due to each log's burn time reducing by 0.1% for each Mastery.svg Mastery level that same log has, and any other burn time reductions the player may have active (See Boosters).
  • Log amounts stated are before resource preservation, so the actual number of logs used will be lower if the player is using things that provide a chance to preserve resources such as the Crown of Rhaelyx (item).png Crown of Rhaelyx, Astrology (skill).svg Astrology Modifiers, or one of the many Agility (skill).svg Agility obstacles that provides resource preservation.
  • If the player does not have enough Magic Logs (item).svg Magic Logs to reach level 99, then burning Yew Logs (item).svg Yew Logs instead is preferred to Redwood Logs (item).svg Redwood Logs due to their higher XP rate.
Log Firemaking (skill).svg Level Burn Time Without Bonfire With Bonfire
XP/Log Logs Time XP/Log Logs Time Potion Doses
Normal Logs (item).svg Normal Logs 1-10 2s 15 77 2 mins, 34 secs 15.75 74 2 mins, 28 secs 8
Oak Logs (item).svg Oak Logs 10-25 2s 30 223 7 mins, 26 secs 33 203 6 mins, 46 secs 14
Willow Logs (item).svg Willow Logs 25-35 3s 40 365 18 mins, 15 secs 46 317 15 mins, 51 secs 24
Teak Logs (item).svg Teak Logs 35-45 4s 65 602 40 mins, 8 secs 78 501 33 mins, 24 secs 41
Maple Logs (item).svg Maple Logs 45-55 5s 80 1,314 1 hour, 49 mins, 30 secs 100 1,052 1 hour, 27 mins, 40 secs 88
Mahogany Logs (item).svg Mahogany Logs 55-60 6s 100 1,071 1 hour, 47 mins, 6 secs 130 824 1 hour, 22 mins, 24 secs 71
Yew Logs (item).svg Yew Logs 60-75 7s 150 6,245 12 hours, 8 mins, 35 secs 202.5 4,626 8 hours, 59 mins, 42 secs 405
Magic Logs (item).svg Magic Logs1 75-99 10s 225 52,551 145 hours, 58 mins, 30 secs 315 37,536 104 hours, 16 mins 4,171
Total 62,448 162 hours, 52 mins, 4 secs 45,133 117 hours, 4 mins, 15 secs 4,822

1 Due to the time taken to gather Magic Logs (item).svg Magic Logs, burning them is only worthwhile if they have already been acquired. If additional Magic Logs would have to be acquired through Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting or otherwise, then consider burning Yew Logs (item).svg Yew Logs instead.



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