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This page is up to date (v1.0.5).
This article is about training the Astrology skill. For the skill itself, see Astrology.


Study on the highest level Constellation that is unlocked. It may be useful to reach 80 Mastery.svg Mastery in each Constellation before moving on, as this will unlock 5 Modifiers for each Constellation, giving you some decent bonuses for other skills. This will slow your leveling, but will grant various benefits to other skills.

Secret Stardust Potion I (item).png Secret Stardust Potions can be used to increase the rate of leveling, but it is only suggested to be used if high levels of preservation and doubling can be obtained to maximize the amount of potions created per Stardust (item).png Stardust used. Using Alchemist's Bag (item).png Alchemist's Bags can also reduce potion usage while actually training the skill.

The below table lists the amount of time that would be spent training on each constellation supposing that neither XP boosts nor action interval reductions applied. Therefore, players should expect to reach Astrology Level 99 somewhat quicker than is stated below.



Action Interval

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