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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about training the Agility skill. For the skill itself, see Agility.


Total Costs

This is the total cost to build or change all obstacles as listed in the guide below, assuming no cost reductions. Note that this could be lower in practice if Mastery Pool checkpoints are active or if the same obstacle is constructed multiple times.

Cost Base Game
Level 1-99

Level 100-120
Gold Pieces 46,110,000 510,000,000 556,110,000
Slayer Coins 150,000 500,000 650,000
Raw Herring 300 N/A 300
Raw Salmon 300 N/A 300
Mind Rune 500 N/A 500
Mahogany Logs 1,000 N/A 1,000
Iron Arrows 2,000 N/A 2,000
Chaos Rune 2,000 N/A 2,000
Watermelons 3,000 N/A 3,000
Barrentoe Herb 5,000 N/A 5,000
Crab 2,500 N/A 2,500
Coal Ore 5,000 N/A 5,000
Diamond 2,000 N/A 2,000
Bones 1,000 N/A 1,000
Dragonite Bar 10,000 N/A 10,000
Redwood Logs 10,000 N/A 10,000
Emerald 2,000 N/A 2,000
Lava Fish N/A 8,000 8,000
Corundumite Bar N/A 6,000 6,000
Oricha N/A 5,000 5,000
Magic Logs N/A 5,000 5,000
Cerulean N/A 5,000 5,000
Palladium Bar N/A 15,000 15,000
Pure Essence N/A 20,000 20,000
Meteorite Bar N/A 10,000 10,000
Meteorite Javelin N/A 15,000 15,000
Revenant Logs N/A 25,000 25,000

Total Skill Requirements

In order to follow this guide, you'll need the following skills:

  • Level 1-99 (Base Game)
    • Defence Level 70
    • Prayer Level 70
    • Slayer Level 60
    • Woodcutting Level 99
    • Firemaking Level 99
    • Cooking Level 60
    • Mining Level 60
    • Thieving Level 60
    • Farming Level 80
  • Level 100-120 ( Throne of the Herald Expansion)
    • Slayer Level 100
    • Cooking Level 100
    • Defence Level 110
    • Ranged Level 110
    • Magic Level 110
    • Level 118-120 (See note below)
      • Smithing Level 115 + Fletching Level 115 + Crafting Level 115 or
      • Farming Level 120 + Astrology Level 120 or
      • Herblore Level 120


The following guide was created assuming level 50 Mastery for each obstacle. In practice, obstacles will start at level 1 Mastery and will end up far above level 50 (especially for later level blocks), but although that effects the actual XP rates gained it will not ultimately change which courses are best at a given level block in practice.

This changes from Agility Level 80 onwards, which are chosen assuming you'll hit 99 Mastery partway through the level block. In practice, you will not hit level 99 Mastery in all obstacles in the course, but you should hit level 99 Mastery in the most relevant obstacles, which are the ones with penalties that affect the speed at which you gain Agility XP.

Note: Special attention should be given to the final two levels and Agility Obstacle 15 as you go for 120. The main reason for this is that the level requirements in other skills are so high, you really want to think through your situation and goals before committing to one of them. Please note the other charts in this guide assume you've chosen Mountain Trail, as it is the still best for Agility in a vacuum. There are three major options:

  1. Mountain Trail (Smithing Level 115 + Crafting Level 115 + Fletching Level 115)
    • This option is certainly best one for Agility skill experience with no other context. And often it can be the best one if you have decided to level Crafting to 115 anyway for Stamina Pouch.
    • However, the bonus, while strong for these skills, is also not extremely relevant since you've already invested so much in leveling these skills, before getting your Elite Pillar (which, in the case of Elite Pillar of Expertise, will help a lot in leveling these skills, arguably as much as this obstacle will).
    • Strongly consider if leveling all three of these skills up this much is really what you want to do, as compared to the other two options below.
  2. Waterfall Crossing (Herblore Level 120)
    • This option is the strongest combat obstacle in the entire game. Especially if you can get it to 99 mastery to cut the large hit point penalty in half.
    • Since you usually want to be getting this obstacle to 99 mastery anyway, accumulating mastery experience on it while you get the final 2 levels for your pillar can very often be more efficient - as opposed to getting Agility 120, then getting Herblore 120, then coming back to get Agility mastery XP on this obstacle.
    • On the other hand, this option is the slowest of the three good choices for leveling to 120.
  3. Lava Trail (Farming Level 120, Astrology Level 120)
    • Most people, by the time they are trying to get Agility 120, will already have Farming 120. Likely, because leveling Astrology early is a strong bonus across all skills, most people will already have at least Astrology 117 if not all the way to 120. Therefore, this obstacle tends to be by far the easiest to build when people first hit Agility 118.
    • The drawback of negative mastery can matter to you depending on what you're doing with the other obstacles and how perfectly precisely you're following this guide. If you're following it to the letter, it's likely you already have most of your other obstacles at 99 mastery anyway so it doesn't matter that much.
    • For Agility Skill XP itself, this obstacle is in between options 1 and 2. Since you likely won't have to wait for three other skills, this obstacle is most likely your fastest route to your Elite Pillar in calendar time (even if it's a little slower in Agility time).

All three of these obstacles will make sense to different people in their different situations. Please read all three and consider all three for your situation before choosing.




The Fine Coinpurse can be equipped instead of the Book of Scholars if the player's preference is a +25% bonus to GP GP gained (+10% from the Coinpurse, and effectively +15% from the removal of the Book which provides a 15% decrease) instead of the +3% skill XP provided by the Book. This increase to GP gained can become quite significant at later Agility levels, as the amount of GP provided by higher tier obstacles becomes larger.

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