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This page is out of date (v0.20).
This article is about training the Agility skill. For the skill itself, see Agility.


There are several items you can use to increase the rate at which you train the Agility skill:

Name Description
Ancient Ring of Skills (item).svg Ancient Ring of Skills The Ancient Ring of Skills is a rare drop that can be found while Fishing (skill).svg Fishing. It increases the XP gained from non-combat skills by 8%.
Pyro (pet).png Pyro The Firemaking pet provides a +1% boost to XP gained in any skill.
Firemaking Skillcape (item).svg Firemaking Skillcape The Firemaking Skillcape provides a +5% boost to XP gained in any skill when worn.
Book of Scholars (item).png Book of Scholars The Book of Scholars provides a +3% boost to XP gained in any skill when worn.
Performance Enhancing Potion I (item).svg Performance Enhancing Potion The Performance Enhancing Potion can be made at Herblore Level 62 and decreases the amount of time it takes to complete Agility obstacles.

Below are some useful items that help increase GP rate while training Agility:

Name Description
Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring The Aorpheat's Signet Ring provides +100% GP while training Agility.
Sneak-Ers (item).png Sneak-Ers The Sneak-Ers provides +5% global GP.
Jeweled Necklace (item).png Jeweled Necklace The Jeweled Necklace provides +5% global GP.
Fine Coinpurse (item).png Fine Coinpurse The Fine Coinpurse provides +10% global GP. This item can replace the Book of Scholars (item).png Book of Scholars depending on whether you prefer 25% more GP/hr or 3% more XP/hr as the Book reduces global GP by 15%. At later Agility levels this can add up to a significant amount of GP lost for a 3% XP boost.

Best Courses for XP/hr

The following guide was created assuming level 50 Mastery for each obstacle. In practice, obstacles will start at level 1 Mastery and will end up far above level 50 (especially for later level blocks), but although that effects the actual XP rates gained it will not ultimately change which courses are best at a given level block in practice.

This changes at the level 80-90 and level 90-99 sections, which are chosen assuming you'll hit 99 Mastery partway through the level block. In practice, you will not hit level 99 Mastery in all obstacles in the course, but you should hit level 99 Mastery in the most relevant obstacles, which are the ones with penalties that affect the speed at which you gain Agility XP.

Total Costs

This is the total cost to build or change all obstacles as listed in the guide above, assuming no cost reductions. Note that this could be lower in practice if Mastery Pool checkpoints are active or if the same obstacle is constructed multiple times.

Total Skill Requirements

In order to follow this guide, you'll need the following skills (Agility levels aren't listed as you will gain them while following the guide)

  • Cooking Level 60
  • Mining Level 60
  • Slayer Level 60
  • Thieving Level 60
  • Firemaking Level 99
  • Woodcutting Level 99

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