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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about training the Township skill. For the skill itself, see Township.

Before Starting Township

  • Township takes approximately 2-3 weeks to reach Level 99 and 3-4 additional weeks to reach Level 120 (5-7 weeks total). This can be lower or higher depending on activity. Completing Casual Tasks can help speed up this process.
  • Township will provide you with plenty of GP from Town Halls and various resources and consumables from the Trading Post.
  • Your Town will degrade if you don't keep upgrading it. Be consistent when it comes to Township. You should be updating your town at least once per day. More will be beneficial.
  • Seasonal Modifiers boost production early and decrease it later making it better to build quickly at the start. If you're not quite ready to commit to Township, it may be better to just wait until you are.
  • You cannot fail Township. No matter how bad it looks, there's always a solution to fixing your town.
  • Each "tick", or "town update", is takes 1 hour and is done automatically.

Quick Tips

  • Casual Tasks can greatly speed up the early game. Completing each of the base game Dungeons once will unlock Casual Tasks for 10,000-75,000 Food, Wood and Stone. Starting with Dragons Den, these tasks will also give Planks and Bars! Overfilling your storage will result in resources being deleted when the next tick happens.
  • The general goal with Township is to prioritize whatever resource you're low on and then increase Population (XP).
  • If you are unsure which worship to use, Aeris is the safest and pick due to having the highest cost reduction at -25% building cost which is doubled in spring. This can reduce the resource and repair costs for Township.
    • The cost to switch worships, including to and from "None :(" is Coins.svg 50,000,000. This will also destroy any worship buildings and your entire town will need 50% repairs. It's highly advised you pick a god due to this.
  • The cost of all buildings (excluding Statues and Town Hall) up to level 99 is 123,948,850 GP. Level 120 will be an additional 220,322,010 GP. 50 Statue of Worship and 8 Town Hall will add an additional 850,000,000 GP for a grand total of Coins.svg 1,194,270,860.
  • Repairing early is a waste of resources. Building a new building repairs for FREE so when possible try to build a new building instead of repairing first and then building a new one.
  • The Swamp, Valley and Arid Plains provide a 1.5x multiplier to most buildings in these biomes while the Jungle, Desert and Snowlands provide a 2x multiplier to most buildings in these biomes. This bonus production will be factored into the displayed values.
  • Building Cost Reduction will also reduce repair cost (including GP!) which can be very valuable before town halls are built.
  • Worship modifiers are multiplicative, greatly increasing resources gained. Other modifiers are typically additive.
  • If your Population is low, check your Health. Health is the final multiplier of population. Having 75% health will result in 75% of your population.
  • Seasons have modifiers. Click 'View Season Modifiers' In-Game or the Seasons Section on the Wiki to check them out!

General Progression

The general progression may change based on which god you choose. The following will be based on Aeris. There are notes throughout the guide where this may cause issues.

  1. Always prioritize resources you aren't generating enough of. Stone, Wood and Planks are the main resources.
  2. Always bulk up your Storage before going to sleep to ensure you don't cap out over night!
  3. After resources, your next priority should be Population (XP). If the next tier of unlocks provides another upgrade to a much needed resource, prioritizing population over resource production is a valid strategy.

Remember, building a new building will repair for FREE. Do not repair unless that building is 100% maxed out. Its likely you can avoid repairs entirely by just building new buildings until you're past Level 90.

Level 1-14

New Buildings: Basic Shelter, Wooden Hut, Woodcutter Camp, Carpenters Workshop, Miners Pit, Blacksmiths Smithy, Hunters Cabin, Gatherers Hut, Herbalist, Storehouse, School

  • Build 20 Basic Shelters, 20 Woodcutter Camps, and 4 Carpenters Workshops. Save the rest of your Wood for more Carpenters Workshops.
  • After having 10-20 Carpenters Workshops built, start building Wooden Huts to reach Level 15 faster.
  • If you're an Adventure mode character, check for any Casual Tasks that give Wood, Planks or Stone. Completing these will speed up the beginning by a lot. Non-Adventure mode characters will not have tasks yet.
  • Health will start to decrease after Level 15. This can be increased with Herbs or Potions underneath the Repair All buttons. It's advised you build an Herbalist and keep Health at or near 100% at all times.

Level 15-34

New Upgrades: House, Logging Camp, Miners Field, Blacksmiths Workshop

New Buildings: Tailor, Market (-0.25% Township repair costs), Gardens, Tavern, Trading Post (Unlocks Trader, -0.33% Township Trader costs), Prats Hats (Unlocks Hats in the Shop)

  • All wood should go into Carpenters Workshops until maxed at 20/20.
  • If you don't have all Wooden Huts in the Grasslands, prioritize doing so now.
  • When you have approximately 1,500-2,000 Stone left, build 20 Miners Pits in the Mountains.
  • For now, you will want to balance your Planks usage between Logging Camps and Miners Fields, prioritizing the resource you have the least of.
  • Clothing will become a valuable resource soon. Aim for at least 150 Leather per tick so you can build 1 Tailor every tick. More Leather can help get Basic Shelter in the Arid Plains built sooner. Clothing will be needed in high quantities in the Snowlands which will eventually become the best biome to build in when you have the resources to do so.
  • Food production will likely be a problem around Level 30-35. Avoid the Fishermans Dock in the Water Biome since Aeris reduces production by -75%. Aim for around 1,200 Food per tick for now.

Level 35-59

New Upgrades: Cottage, Carpenters Factory, Hunters Lodge, Gatherers Lodge, Infirmary, Clothier, Warehouse, Large School

New Buildings: Cemetery (+2% Potion Production), Chapel, Library, Malcs Cats (Unlocks Cats in the Shop)

If you're having trouble hitting the population threshold for these upgrades and you have all housing built, try building some Gardens and Taverns! Taverns are quite expensive in Food while Gardens use Planks.

  • You'll likely want to build Carpenters Factory and the rest of the Logging Camps if you don't already have them.
  • Building up your Herbs supply is highly recommended. They are the only resource required to build Infirmary and even with max Herb production, it takes a few ticks to build one. If you don't start stockpiling Potions now, you may run out when you start building the next tier of housing, the Large Cottage.
  • Work towards getting 28-30% Worship. If you're very active you can increase this to 50% however 1% damage to your Chapels will result in these modifiers being lost.
    • If your god is "None :(" do not build any Worship buildings. Without a god, Worship does nothing.
  • Bars are going needed at Level 60 so get some production now (about 200 per tick will do for now, just to start stockpiling). If you worship Aeris, build them in the Mountains for the 25% bonus production at 25% Worship.
  • In the Snowlands, focus on building Miners Fields then Clothiers then Cottages for now.
  • Malcs Cats and Prats Hats can be built whenever you feel like it. Don't bother repairing these until after Level 100-110. Malcs Cats can provide small bonuses to your Town as well as 1% Global item doubling and 5% Global GP.

If you find yourself at max Storage and you can't build more Warehouse, you can make 1 Trading Post and trade out excess resources. You may not need to do this until much later. If you do a build Trading Post, avoid repairing it since it's very expensive to repair!

Level 60-79

New Upgrades: Large Cottage, Forestry Camp, Carpenters Foundry, Miners Quarry, Blacksmiths Forge, Hunters Villa, Gatherers Villa

New Building: Magic Emporium

  • Food will be needed in higher quantities soon. For now, around 2,000-4,000 Food per tick will do. You'll mostly be limited by other resources anyway but this will help with building more Taverns and get a nice stockpile for when you build Large Cottages, which require 7,200 Food each.
  • Purchase a few Magic Emporiums for Rune Essence as it will be needed in large quantities later on. Aim for about 200-300 per tick for now
    • After buying all Miners Quarries and Carpenters Foundries you will want to increase Rune Essence production to around 2,000 per tick.
  • Stone and Coal will begin to be heavily strained. Prioritize the Miners Quarries in the Snowlands first due to the 2x biome modifier. Then Mountains if you worship Aeris otherwise build in the Desert if your god does not decrease production there.
  • Schools and Libraries should be cheap enough that they're worth grabbing now. You may want to get Planks upgraded first. This should help with the lack of Stone and Coal.
  • Bars will start to be heavily used. Mountains will probably be the easiest to max out since Coal and Clothing will be in short supply.
  • Cemeteries can be built in the Grasslands to further increase Potions production, if needed. They cost quite a bit of Herbs and Bars so only dump your remaining resources, if you have any.

Level 80

New Upgrades: Healing Centre, Outfitter, Repository, Academy

New Buildings: Town Hall, Statue of Worship

  • With the Town Halls unlocked you can now make GP with Township. The resource cost of these (specifically Herbs and Potions) are quite high. You can reduce the resource costs by 15% by wearing the Township Skillcape. Building Statues can further reduce this by 25% with Aeris or 15% with the other 3 starter gods. This is doubled during Spring with Aeris (check for your god's 2x Season here). Resource cost reduction does not work for GP.
  • If you've maxed your Stone and Plank production and you have the Throne of the Herald DLC, start building all Magic Emporiums. You will need a lot of Rune Essence when you hit Level 100 and 110. Building a stockpile now will prevent any delays due to lack of Rune Essence.
  • Building Academies will help produce Stone and Coal if you're still in need of these resources.

Level 81+

At this point the leveling process becomes very straightforward. Prioritize any resource that you need more of then keep building housing to maximize XP gain.

  • Markets are something you should look into around now. They'll help reduce repair costs which should start becoming more relevant now that you're starting to max out some buildings.
  • With the Throne of the Herald Expansion you'll get another upgrade for just about every resource at Level 100.
  • At Level 100 you unlock Cool Rocks allowing you to buy cool rock pets from the Shop. These primarily improve mining and smithing but provide 5% Global Mastery as well. These cost quite a lot of Stone so building them with the
  • Trading Posts are another thing you'll want to be building around Level 100-110. When all 150 are built, this will reduce trading costs by 49.5%
  • You can increase Rune Essence production after you've got the basic resources done. You'll need a LOT for Large Repositories.
    • Storage should probably be the very last building you build. Build them during your 2x season for decreased Rune Essence cost

Which worship is best?

Average resource generation at level 120 (Top) and Level 99 (Bottom)

This chart shows the average resource per tick (hour) granted by each Worship with a maxed out at Level 99 Town with all Pets (Bottom) and Level 120 Town with Astrology and all Pets (Top).

For the early game and mid game, Aeris is recommended due to her larger amount of Building Cost Reduction over the other 3 starting gods. The downsides of worshipping Aeris, less Food and Leather, are relatively inconsequential since neither is a particularly valuable resource for building/leveling. The resources from each god will make a very small factor in choosing which god to worship.

Once unlocked, worshipping Bane or The Herald is generally recommended due to their unique seasons. Bane gives 50% Astrology Interval Reduction during Nightfall and Herald gives -1s monster respawn time during Solar Eclipse.

This spreadsheet was used to create the Averages tables and has options to toggle 99/120 Skillcape, Pets, Astrology buffs and Ancient Relics as well as set the number of Town Halls.

The Trader

Trading for Consumable or Resources

The Trader offers consumables that are not available elsewhere. The best trades will depend on where you are in the game due to them having both Township level and (typically) Skill level requirements. Boxes require an certain amount of Main Task to be completed. The best boxes are whichever you need the resources from. The exception would be Food Box I which provides more overall healing per Township Resource than Food Box II and Food Box III. Some key items of note from the trader:

  • Food: The Monster Hunter Scroll can be very helpful as one of the earliest ways to decrease the Monster Respawn Timer. The Ranged Hinder Scroll can be used to fill the consumable slot if you have no better options. The Food Boxes can also be used to quickly gather secondaries for Pig and Wolf tablets
  • Ore and Bars: The boxes can be used to quickly gather secondaries for the Mole and Salamander Tablets. In addition, the Bar Box can provide resources to craft weapons and armor to be used for other summoning tablets as well.
  • Stone: The Melee Hinder Scroll can be used to fill the Consumable slot if you have no better options.
  • Potions: The Consumable Enhancer can upgrade some consumables and should be used when possible after purchasing major township upgrades. The Potion Boxes can be very useful for gathering large amounts of potions, especially potions that you don't have the level for yet, or don't greatly benefit from being upgrade like Diamond Luck Potion I potions.

Trading for GP

Average GP/tick opening each box tier (when it's worth doing so) with 1 Trading Post (Top) or 150 Trading Posts (Bottom) at Level 99 or Level 120
A Chart showing which boxes are worth opening

The first chart shows the additional GP generation per hour if you choose to sell the resources instead of keeping them. Everything sells for approximately the same amount of resources. The exception is some boxes. The contents of the boxes, in a lot of cases, are worth more than the box itself. The second chart shows which boxes are worth opening. If a box is not worth opening, the following list offers the best trading. NOTE: The different between the best and worst trades are VERY minimal. You do not have to min-max this much, however this info is here if you do wish to do this.


Below is an automatically generated list of boosts that will speed up leveling. However, none of the boosts are necessary to reach 99, and can be easily skipped.

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