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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about training the Cooking skill. For the skill itself, see Cooking.

Training (1-99)

Cook the highest level fish available until you unlock the Furnace and Pot recipes. Then cook the highest level baked good (furnace) or soup (pot) available. Use Farming to maintain the Allotments required for these recipes.

Upgrade the Cooking Fire, Furnace, and Pot to the highest possible level at all times. The lowest requirements for the Furnace and Pot are:

  1. Furnace: Smithing Level 15, Firemaking Level 15, 500 Normal Logs, 500 Bronze Bar
  2. Pot: Smithing Level 25, 400 Bronze Bar

Passive cooking will not slow down or speed up training; passive cooking is strictly for gaining more food while cooking. Passive cooking can be used as a way to cook off small amounts of excess fish or allotments for eating or selling, but in general, as it does not provide Skill XP or item Mastery XP, it can be ignored.

Using Cooking Gloves will increase your chances of successfully cooking, which will increase the rate of training while at low mastery levels by making sure you are more consistently gaining experience.

Alternatively, you can benefit from the lower success chance at low mastery levels by using the Pig and Mole Synergy to generate a high level of Coal Ore. Using this synergy for as long as necessary is highly recommended as the coal output far exceeds that of Mining, and the extremely high XP rates for cooking with the Furnace and Pot make the loss of experience from failed cooks not as painful as it would be on other skills.

Training (99-120)

At this point, the Cooking Skillcape should be equipped to maximize success chance, unless the success chance for the item is already high. If the Maximum Skillcape is unlocked, use it instead for the 5% global xp bonus as well.

Past level 99, many recipes start to require lower leveled cooked foods to craft. For example, the level 104 Furnace craft Beef Mushroom Stew requires one serving of Mushroom Soup, which itself requires one serving of Basic Soup. Since all of these crafts typically have a lower XP/hr rate, it causes the actual XP/hr value of the main craft to be lower than expected.

With all 99+ crafts taken into account and adjusted for their pre-crafts, assuming zero item doubling and item preservation, soups still are the highest XP/hr craft from 99-120.

Level Item XP/s
99-104 Chicken Soup 88.14
104-114 Beef Mushroom Stew 128.61
114-116 Chicken Cream Mushroom Soup 138.95
116-120 Chilli Frost Crab 149.29

Due to many 99+ recipes requiring other food to craft, many recipes have their XP/hr rates effectively increase as ways to ignore the need for pre-crafts are used, such as item doubling or item preservation. As such, if township has been leveled up enough to purchase Food Box I and Food Box II, XP/hr numbers can be boost significantly. Food Box Is and Food Box IIs contain all possible pre-crafts used for 99+ cooking with the exception of Mushroom Soup. This lets you use higher XP/hr while ignoring making their precrafts.

XP/s values if pre-crafts are ignored:

Level Item XP/s
99-100 Chicken Soup 88.14
100-103 Banana Bread 101.88
103-113 Spicy Chicken Pizza 211.88
113-120 Fancy Meat Pizza 235.625



The following things can be used to increase the amount of Cooking XP received.

Action Time

The following things can be used to reduce the amount of time per action in Cooking.

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