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This article is about training the Crafting skill. For the skill itself, see Crafting.
This page is out of date (v1.0.3).


Acquiring Materials

Although it is possible to receive Leather (item).svg Leather and Green Dragonhide (item).svg Dragonhides from fighting various Monsters, it is much faster to buy them from the Shop. Leather (item).svg Leather can be purchased directly from the shop for Coins.svg 100 per piece, and Green Dragonhide (item).svg Dragonhides can be purchased for an amount of GP and Leather (item).svg Leather depending on the tier. This guide will assume you are purchasing all materials from the store as gathering them via combat will take substantially longer than it would to make the money through other means.

Level 1-57

From Crafting Level 1 to Crafting Level 57, players should make the best Leather (item).svg Leather item they can. Jewelry materials cannot be feasibly acquired in large enough quantities to offer a real alternative, although players who already have Gold Bar (item).svg Gold Bars and gems on hand may choose to mix them in to speed things up slightly. Once you reach Crafting Level 18, you should craft Leather Chaps (item).svg Leather Chaps all the way until Crafting Level 57. This is the most efficient craft per Leather (item).svg Leather. If you have an abundance of GP or Leather (item).svg Leather, then just continue making the highest level item until Crafting Level 57.

Level 57-71

From Crafting Level 57 to Crafting Level 71, items made out of Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green Dragonhide are the most efficient XP/level. Since Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green Dragonhide can effectively be purchased from the shop for Coins.svg 200 per piece and items made from Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green Dragonhide sell for an amount equal to Coins.svg 200 per piece of dragonhide required, making Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green Dragonhide items is cost neutral as a baseline and will actually turn a small profit thanks to materials saved by the Mastery.svg Mastery effect.

Level 71-77

After reaching Crafting Level 71, players will be able to craft Blue D-hide Body (item).svg Blue D-hide bodies.

While the cost of hides required for each body is greater than the sale price of the body its self, break-even may still be achieved through the use of resource preservation and item doubling bonuses. Assuming no chance to double applies, the break-even point may be reached with a preservation bonus of at least 15% - this can be achieved with a combination of item mastery bonuses (+0.2% per level) and other global Skill Boosts.

Taking advantage of Crafting specific and global doubling bonuses will lower the amount of preservation required to reach the break-even point.

Level 77-99

From Crafting Level 77 onwards, the player can create Red D-hide Body (item).svg Red D-hide Bodies for a higher XP rate than the previous bodies provide. These bodies require a preservation bonus of at least 28% to avoid making a loss (assuming no chance to double applies).



The following things can be used to increase the amount of Crafting XP received.

Action Time

The following things can be used to reduce the amount of time per action in Crafting.

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