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This article is about training the Runecrafting skill. For the skill itself, see Runecrafting.


To reach Runecrafting Level 99 will take approximately 200,000 Rune Essence (item).svg Rune Essence, which can be easily obtained Mining (skill).svg Mining with Mining Gloves (item).svg Mining Gloves. The easiest way is to craft the highest rune you can make, switching each time you unlock a new rune. This will provide a wide variety of different rune types for later use.

Alternatively, make even mix of Earth Rune (item).svg Earth Runes and Fire Rune (item).svg Fire Runes and turn them into Lava Rune (item).svg Lava Runes. This is one of the faster ways to get to max level, though it creates a large number of runes that have a limited number of uses such as Superheat IV (spell).svg Superheat spells or creating Crow (item).svg Crow tablets.

Finally, players can make a small number of catalyst runes such as Mind Rune (item).svg Mind Runes, Chaos Rune (item).svg Chaos Runes, and Death Rune (item).svg Death Runes, along with a large volume of elemental runes, such as Blood Rune (item).svg Blood Runes, and Ancient Rune (item).svg Ancient Runes. Once it is possible to create Mist Rune (item).svg Mist Runes and Smoke Rune (item).svg Smoke Runes, players can make these until max level. This allows the player to have a large volume of runes for combat later on, though it takes longer to reach max level. In the long run it should save time, as the runes being produced are more useful.



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