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This page was last updated for (v1.1.2).
This guide only contains instructions for the base game, and does not take Throne of the Herald options into consideration
This article is about training the Thieving skill. For the skill itself, see Thieving.


Leveling is largely done by swapping to the highest experience per action enemy to gain levels quickly, as long as the success chance remains fairly high. This spreadsheet can be used to calculate your XP per hour on individual targets, as well as GP per hour. (Editor's note: This spreadsheet is outdated, and only contains content up to level 99. For expansion content, consider using this experimental one instead, which will replace the current one once any issues have been ironed out.) Make a copy of the document and fill in your own details.

When transitioning to a new target, it is highly recommended to spend Mastery Pool experience to increase the new NPC's mastery level up to at least 50. This will give the new NPC a large bonus to its initial Stealth and Coins.svg  earned, as well as decrease the interval of actions, all of which greatly improve the leveling process.

Note that in the later stages, the Lumberjack and especially Acolyte have lower Perception than other targets in their level range, thus being good options for efficient XP gain. The same is partly true for the Squire, however, the player is unlikely to have much use for their drops, and training on the Squire will require an extra, unecessary investment of Mastery experience.

It is worth considering spending extra time pickpocketing the Golbin Chief for the Golbin Mask, and Bandit Thug for the Thiever's Cape to increase XP rates as well as success chance. Farmer is also worth pickpocketing even after higher XP targets are available. This gives the player a large base of seeds to use with Farming, especially Strawberry Seeds for the Gentle Hands Potion.

If the player's Prayer is high enough, Protect Item and Safeguard / Stone Skin can be used without costing any prayer points.




Action Time


Because of the unique Stealth and Perception mechanics (please see the main page for more details), it is useful to increase your Stealth as much as possible in order to maximise your success chance.


Food is highly recommended for anything with a less than 100% success rate. Higher Hitpoints will allow you to go without food for longer, and damage reduction Armor will allow you to eat less food. Thieving Gloves or Gloves of Silence will be helpful if you can afford them, but are not necessary. Auto Eat is useful for idling, but if the enemy's Max Hit is higher than your Auto-Eat threshold, it is still possible to die. Your current Auto-Eat threshold can be found by hovering over the Auto-Eat icon. To reduce the target's Max Hit, wear equipment that provides Damage Reduction.

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