Alternative Magic

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Alternative Magic (Alt Magic) is an alternative method to train Magic (skill).svg Magic using non-combat spells. It is still the same skill as Magic - all XP is shared. Each Alt Magic action takes 2 seconds.

Alt. Magic can be trained offline.


  • The Ancient Ring of Skills (item).svg Ancient Ring of Skills will boost XP gained from Alt Magic, but the Gold Emerald Ring (item).svg Gold Emerald Ring will not.
  • Mystic Air Staff (item).svg Staves, Air Imbued Wand (item).svg Imbued wands, and the Magic Skillcape (item).svg Magic Skillcape can be used to reduce the rune cost of spells.
  • Salem (pet).svg Salem can be received while training Alt. Magic, with the rune preservation bonus also applying to Alt. Magic spells.
  • The Crown of Rhaelyx (item).png Crown of Rhaelyx's chance to save materials does not apply to Alt. Magic at all, and neither runes nor non-rune components such as ores for Superheat IV (spell).svg Superheat can be saved.
  • Global item doubling bonuses such as that provided by Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring will apply to Alt. Magic spells that produce resources.
  • Signet Ring Half (b) (item).svg Signet Ring Half (b) cannot be earned from Alt. Magic.
  • Marks of the Occultist (item).svg Occultist and Witch (item).svg Witch can be discovered while training Alt Magic. Their respective Tablets will also be consumed and provide Summoning (skill).svg Summoning XP while equipped.
  • Rune Preservation bonuses apply when casting Alt. Magic spells.
  • Amulet of Incantation (item).png Amulet of Incantation can be used to speed up spells cast with Alt. Magic, and also provides +10% rune preservation chance specifically for Alt. Magic spells.
  • GP received when casting Item Alchemy spells can be increased by taking advantage by global GP bonuses - a list of things granting this bonus can be seen on the Item Alchemy page.
  • Spells requiring an item selection (such as Just Learning (spell).svg Just Learning) will only allow items which are unlocked in the Bank to be selected. Locked items must first be unlocked before they can be used with such spells.

Rune Preservation

In addition to the usual Rune Preservation bonuses available when using Magic (skill).svg Magic, Alt Magic also benefits from rune preservation bonuses specifically for Alt Magic spells. These bonuses are additive, so for example a +20% Rune Preservation bonus combined with +10% Rune Preservation for Alt Magic spells results in a combined +30% chance to preserve runes when casting Alt Magic spells.


Spell Requirements Description Experience Runes
Just Learning (spell).svg Just Learning Magic (skill).svg Level 1 Convert selected item into 1 Rune Essence. 5 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 1 Air Rune (item).svg
Superheat I (spell).svg Superheat I Magic (skill).svg Level 5 Create 1 x bars using 1 x required ores. 8 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 2 Earth Rune (item).svg, 2 Fire Rune (item).svg
1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 2 Lava Rune (item).svg
Item Alchemy I (spell).svg Item Alchemy I Magic (skill).svg Level 10 Convert selected item into GP worth 40% of the item's base sale price. 10 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 3 Fire Rune (item).svg
Bone Offering (spell).svg Bone Offering Magic (skill).svg Level 18 Creates 3 x Bones. 12 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 1 Earth Rune (item).svg
Superheat II (spell).svg Superheat II Magic (skill).svg Level 25 Create 2 x bars using 1 x required ores. 15 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 3 Earth Rune (item).svg, 3 Fire Rune (item).svg
1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 3 Lava Rune (item).svg
Item Alchemy II (spell).svg Item Alchemy II Magic (skill).svg Level 35 Convert selected item into GP worth 100% of the item's base sale price. 18 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 4 Fire Rune (item).svg
Rags to Riches I (spell).svg Rags to Riches I Magic (skill).svg Level 48 Convert selected Junk item, obtained from Fishing, into a random Gem. 21 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 2 Water Rune (item).svg, 2 Earth Rune (item).svg
1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 2 Mud Rune (item).svg
Blessed Offering (spell).svg Blessed Offering Magic (skill).svg Level 56 Creates 3 x Holy Dust. 24 2 Nature Rune (item).svg, 1 Earth Rune (item).svg
Superheat III (spell).svg Superheat III Magic (skill).svg Level 64 Create 3 x bars using 1 x required ores. 28 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 4 Earth Rune (item).svg, 4 Fire Rune (item).svg, 1 Spirit Rune (item).svg
1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 4 Lava Rune (item).svg, 1 Spirit Rune (item).svg
Rags to Riches II (spell).svg Rags to Riches II Magic (skill).svg Level 70 Convert Coal Ore into a random Gem. 32 2 Nature Rune (item).svg, 4 Water Rune (item).svg, 4 Earth Rune (item).svg, 2 Spirit Rune (item).svg
2 Nature Rune (item).svg, 4 Mud Rune (item).svg, 2 Spirit Rune (item).svg
Item Alchemy III (spell).svg Item Alchemy III Magic (skill).svg Level 76 Convert selected item into GP worth 160% of the item's base sale price. 39 1 Nature Rune (item).svg, 5 Fire Rune (item).svg, 2 Spirit Rune (item).svg
Superheat IV (spell).svg Superheat IV Magic (skill).svg Level 95 Create 3 x bars using 1 x required ores, ignoring all Coal Requirements. 50 2 Nature Rune (item).svg, 7 Earth Rune (item).svg, 7 Fire Rune (item).svg, 3 Spirit Rune (item).svg
2 Nature Rune (item).svg, 7 Lava Rune (item).svg, 3 Spirit Rune (item).svg