Item Alchemy III

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Item Alchemy III
Item Alchemy III
Alt. Magic ID: melvorF:ItemAlchemyIII
Magic Level 76
Convert selected item into GP worth 160% of the item's base sale price.
1 Nature Rune, 5 Fire Rune, 2 Spirit Rune

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Item Alchemy III is an Alt. Magic spell which magically turns a selected item into coins. It can be cast starting at Magic Level 76 and yields 39 base Magic experience per action.

The amount of coins obtained from casting Item Alchemy III is equal to 160% of the item's base sale price, but this number can be affected by bonuses to GP and Item Alchemy sale price.

Items must be unlocked in order to be selected as the spell target.

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