Superheat V

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Superheat V
Superheat V
Alt. Magic ID: melvorTotH:SuperheatV
Magic Level 110
Create 5 x bars using 1 x required ores, ignoring all Coal Requirements.
16 Air Rune, 16 Earth Rune, 16 Fire Rune, 10 Soul Rune
8 Infernal Rune, 10 Soul Rune

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Superheat V is an Alt. Magic spell which magically turns one ore into five bars. This spell ignores any Coal Ore requirements from regular smelting. It can be cast starting at Magic Level 110 and yields 114 base Magic experience per action, regardless of the selected ores.

Superheating requires the Smithing level to smelt the selected ore into a bar. The spell does not grant any Smithing experience or Mastery experience.