Soul Rune

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Soul Rune
Soul Rune
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Item ID: melvorTotH:Soul_Rune
Category: Runecrafting
Type: Rune
Sells For: 24
Item Sources:
  • Pickpocketing: Pilgrim
  • Runecrafting Level 108
  • Tasks
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Item Sources


Item Production
Requirements Runecrafting Level 108
Materials 1 Pure Essence
2 Spirit Rune
2 Earth Rune
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 131 XP
Base Creation Time 2s




Spell Requirements Type Description Runes Item Cost
Soulash Soulash Magic Level 115
Ethereal Staff Equipped
Archaic You create ghostly tendrils that lash out at the enemy dealing damage equal to 100% of your max hit 4 times over 1.8s. On a hit, has a 30% chance to apply stun for 1 turn. Avoidable. 20 Soul Rune, 5 Archaic Rune, 5 Calamity Rune
Torment Torment Magic Level 110
Complete Cursed Forest 50 times
Curse Enemies are inflicted with:
-25% Global Evasion
+10% more Damage taken
6 Decay Rune, 7 Despair Rune, 3 Soul Rune
Despair Despair Magic Level 115
Complete Cursed Forest 100 times
Curse Enemies are inflicted with:
+3% of remaining Hitpoints taken as damage on a successful attack (once per turn)
+3% of Maximum Hitpoints taken as damage on a successful attack (once per turn)
8 Despair Rune, 8 Soul Rune
Charged IV Charged IV Magic Level 110
Book of the Ancients Equipped
Aurora +100 Minimum Hit 8 Fire Rune, 5 Light Rune, 8 Soul Rune
Purification Purification Magic Level 105 Alt. Magic Converts 1,000 Rune Essence to 600 Pure Essence. 12 Soul Rune 1,000 Rune Essence
1 Runestone
Superheat V Superheat V Magic Level 110 Alt. Magic Create 5 x bars using 1 x required ores, ignoring all Coal Requirements. 16 Air Rune, 16 Earth Rune, 16 Fire Rune, 10 Soul Rune
8 Infernal Rune, 10 Soul Rune
Holy Invocation III Holy Invocation III Magic Level 112 Alt. Magic Enchants 1 x Large Urn which can then be buried for 1,500 Prayer Points 20 Soul Rune 1 Large Urn
Item Alchemy IV Item Alchemy IV Magic Level 118 Alt. Magic Convert selected item into GP worth 250% of the item's base sale price. 15 Soul Rune, 24 Air Rune, 24 Earth Rune, 24 Fire Rune
15 Soul Rune, 12 Infernal Rune


Task Requirements Rewards
Throne of the Herald 250,000 Poison Rune
250,000 Lightning Rune
GP 25,000,000
500,000 Infernal Rune
500,000 Soul Rune