Millennium Gate/Guide

This page was last updated for (v1.1.2).

Vorloran Armor Farming

Following the purchase of the   Golden Shard, you now have access to   Millennium Gate, the final   Slayer Area in the  . These 3 mobs drop the highest level, and often most powerful, armor in the game that are extremely helpful in completing the following slayer area, as well as the   Throne of the Herald. These can be extremely long grinds due to the difficulty of the monsters, and require quite a bit of preparation. The drops that will usually take the longest to obtain are the     Platebodies at a drop rate of 3/1300, and it takes an average of roughly 493 kills for each monster to fully complete the armor sets.

We recommend acquiring them while fighting each monster as a slayer task, this will require you to turn OFF auto-slayer, and will encourage semi-frequent check-ins. Doing these on task will increase your damage dealt to them from various buffs. This will make the order you obtain the various equipment in effectively random, but if you don't want to deal with the hassle of rerolling, or simply want to do them in a specific order, the guide will recommend the following order:

Additionally, you should also acquire the pet   Patchy whilst doing this grind, if you do not, continue farming whichever mob you kill the fastest on or off task until you get it.


The order you obtain these items in is not particularly important, and considering each separate item can be a huge upgrade individually, it is often recommended to fight each mob for only a short time before equipping the newly obtained armour and switching to the next, repeating this until the player has completed the sets.

Doing these grinds simultaneously with the grinds for the t120 weapons can also be a good idea,

A roughly complete order for finishing   Slayer as efficiently as possible would look like:

  1.   Torvair /   Arctair /   Harkair
  2.   Vorloran Devastator
  3.   Torvair
  4.   Vorloran Watcher
  5.   Harkair
  6.   Vorloran Protector
  7.   Arctair

Many players combine the grinding of these weapons with the grind for the   Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Mythical). An added benefit is the increased damage given by buffs like the   Slayer Skillcape and   Astrology while fighting Slayer Tasks. Another benefit is the ability to buy prayer points,   Light Runes, and Food at a profit with the use of   Bountiful Resupply.

Below are some gear suggestions. Depending on what   Prayer,   Potions, and   Agility buffs you use or have access to, your optimal gear can change.



There are very few hard requirements beyond the ability to survive and the entry requirement of   Slayer Level 118, but there are several skills and items that will make this grind significantly easier, and we would be remiss to not mention them

Suggestion Benefit
  Level 120 Less need for DR
  Level 120 Pillar of Combat and Elite Pillar of Conflict
  Level 115 Spectre and Fox Synergies
  Level 118   Battleborn
  Agile Wings Rapier BIS   Melee weapon
  Feather Storm Crossbow BIS   Ranged weapon
  Slicing Maelstrom Wand BIS   Magic weapon


# Obstacle Reason
1 X
2 X
3   Pipe Climb No particular reason beyond being the only obstacle that grants any combat benefits.
4   Coal Stones No negative modifiers, technically saves some food.
5   Cliff Balance +20 HP.
6   Lake Swim +5% Damage, +1% DR.   Rocky Waters can be used instead.
7   Boulder Trap No negative combat modifiers.
8   Pipe Crawl More damage.   Raft Building can be used instead.
9   Water Jump More damage. The 20 HP from   Ice Jump is not necessary.
10   Ocean Rafting Free damage!
P   Pillar of Combat Lots of beneficial combat bonuses.
11     Pipe Maze More damage.
12     Boulder Balance Lower attack interval and more damage for the low price of lower accuracy.
13     Balance Trap This obstacle tier does not grant any direct bonuses to these grinds.
14     Freezing Climb More evasion, accuracy and damage.
15     Waterfall Crossing Is the equivalent of a permanent diamond luck potion, which frees up a potion slot for   Damage Reduction Potion IV It is necessary to have this obstacle at 99 mastery to halve the -100hp modifier.
EP     Elite Pillar of Conflict Lots of beneficial combat bonuses.



For all combat styles, use   Damage Reduction Potion IV


For all combat styles, use   Spectre and   Occultist. This synergy adds a ridiculous amount to the player's chance to hit, even with otherwise maxed stats, and helps a lot in actually landing hits.

Alternatively, use   Fox and   Dragon to deal a significant amount of unavoidable damage when the player is otherwise having trouble hitting the target


Checking your setups with the Combat Simulator before engaging any of these monsters is highly recommended. The   Slayer Deterer From   Township can help reach the tight DR thresholds required provided the monster is only fought while on a slayer task.

Vorloran Protector

  Vorloran Protector drops       Vorloran Protector Armor

To be able to idle   Vorloran Protector with   Magic, the following build has 100% Damage Reduction out of combat (75% in combat) and 1,220   Hitpoints.   Leviathan Shield used here grants an extra 6% DR in combat for a total of 81%. While normally the shield cannot be relied upon to give its full effect all the time, in this case, against this enemy, the effect is guaranteed to be fully stacked since the enemy's highest potential max hit requires it to hit the player 7 times.

With   Slicing Maelstrom Wand, use   Slicing Maelstrom,   Despair, and   Surge II.

With   Archaic Wand or   Calamity Wand, use   Infernal Power,   Despair, and   Surge II.

Slot Better to Worse
Head   Vorloran Devastator Helmet   Mask of Despair
Body   Vorloran Devastator Platebody   Freezing Touch Body
Leggings   Vorloran Devastator Platelegs   Mythical Wizard Bottoms
Boots   Vorloran Devastator Boots   Frostspark Boots
Hands   Vorloran Devastator Gauntlets   (U) Carrion Vambraces
Cape   Superior Max Skillcape   Skull Cape
Neck   Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs   Allure Amulet
Ring   Ring of Power   Burning Madness Ring
Passive   Gauntlets of Rage   Shield of Magic Power
Weapon   Slicing Maelstrom Wand   Archaic Wand
Offhand   Leviathan Shield   (P) Divine Shield

Vorloran Watcher

  Vorloran Watcher drops       Vorloran Watcher Armor

To be able to idle   Vorloran Watcher with   Melee, the following build has 92% Damage Reduction out of combat (65% in combat) and 1,220   Hitpoints

Slot Better to Worse
Head   Mask of Madness   Vorloran Protector Helmet
Body   Ward of Flame Platebody   Vorloran Protector Platebody
Leggings   Vorloran Protector Platelegs   Burning Protection Platelegs
Boots   Frostspark Boots   Vorloran Protector Boots
Hands   Vorloran Protector Gauntlets   (U) Carrion Vambraces
Cape   Superior Max Skillcape   Infernal Cape
Neck   Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs   Fighter Amulet
Ring   Ring of Power   Fighter Ring
Passive   Shield of Melee Power   Blood Ring
Weapon   Agile Wings Rapier   FrostSpark 1H Sword
Offhand   Leviathan Shield   (P) Divine Shield

Vorloran Devastator

  Vorloran Devastator drops       Vorloran Devastator Armor

To be able to idle   Vorloran Devastator with   Ranged, the following build has 96% Damage Reduction out of combat (70% in combat) and 1,270   Hitpoints, use   Rocky Waters instead of   Lake Swim.

It is incredibly important to use   Protect from Magic instead of   Avidity to avoid as many of the Slow and Freeze debuffs as possible.

With   Feather Storm Crossbow, use   Zephyte Bolts or   Decay Bolts.

With   Divine Crossbow, use   Meteorite Bolts.

Slot Better to Worse
Head   Mask of Torment   Vorloran Watcher Helmet
Body   Vorloran Watcher Platebody   Bundled Protection Body
Leggings   Vorloran Watcher Platelegs   Perfect Sight Legs
Boots   Frostspark Boots   Vorloran Watcher Boots
Hands   Vorloran Watcher Gauntlets   (U) Carrion Vambraces
Cape   Weakness Exploiter Cape   Superior Max Skillcape
Neck   Deadeye Amulet   Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs
Ring   Ring of Power   Blood Ring
Passive   Shield of Ranged Power   Gauntlets of Rage
Weapon   Feather Storm Crossbow   Divine Crossbow
Offhand   Leviathan Shield   (P) Divine Shield