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This page is up to date (v0.19.2).

Written by /u/Steelsauce, with help from adventure-mode-chat on discord, and the HCCO/Guide.


Adventure mode takes what you know about Melvor and turns it on its head! You start with only melee combat unlocked, and must pay an increasing GP cost to unlock each skill. This means that the skills you choose will greatly affect the route you take through the game. Your noncombat skills will be locked to your combat level, which means the skilling you can do is very limited at first.

This mode requires you to do combat in the beginning, which you cannot currently do offline. Once you unlock some skills, it can be more AFK friendly. It may be harder for newer players to get a grasp of how all the skills are interconnected without using them first, so I wouldn't recommend a brand new player starting out on Adventure mode.

There is a lot to learn and this mode was just released recently. I'll be sharing my strategy, but don't let anyone dictate your adventure!

Starting out

First you need to do some basic melee combat to get some combat levels and cash for a first skill. Equip your Bronze Sword (item).svg Bronze Sword and Shrimp (item).svg Shrimp and start whacking some Plant (monster).svg Plants. Remember to press the collect loot button to keep your potatoes! Change styles to keep your stats somewhat equal.

With a sack of potatoes, you can branch out to other monsters to earn new gear. Read the HCCO/Guide to learn which mobs drop gear, but note that some mobs require you to unlock slayer first.

Early money making

Your first money maker will be fighting Cow (monster).svg Cows. Collect their Leather (item).svg Leather, and then go to the shop and purchase as many Green Dragonhide (item).svg Green Dragonhide as you can, then sell the green hides. This gives an extra 50gp compared to just selling the plain leather.

Once you have some better gear and levels, killing Master Farmer (monster).svg Master Farmer and selling the seeds is more profitable than cows. You can earn more money with some mid game items, such as Gloves of Silence, Almighty Lute, Sand Treaders, Chapeau Noir, and if you are lucky Aorpheat's Signet Ring.

When you have some mithril armor and an Ice Sword (item).svg Ice Sword, try to get the Amulet of Looting (item).svg Amulet of Looting from the Spider Forest (dungeon).svg Spider Forest. With this and purchasing Auto Eat - Tier I from the shop for 1M gp, you will be able to afk combat and earn gp.

If you don’t want to keep hitting the collect loot button, you can earn money slowly offline by mining, fishing, woodcutting, or agility.

The best early game money making is mining ores using Gem Gloves (item).svg Gem Gloves. You will need to unlock mining as well as buy the glove for 500k. After that hurdle, you will earn 262k gp per glove by selling all the gems. If you are selling the ore, mine the highest tier ore you can.

Planning Ahead

Skill Unlock Costs

Skill level unlock costs increase drastically, so planning out a skill unlock order is extremely important. Here are unlock costs:

Combat Level

Read the wiki page on Combat Level.

Your non combat skills are gated behind your combat level, greatly restricting what you can do. Getting to 99 combat level is a big goal. Combat level factors in HP, defence, prayer, plus your highest style of combat: magic, ranged, or attack/strength. This means that if you have a high level in one combat style, picking up another one won’t raise your combat level until you surpass your other combat style’s level.

Long Term goals

If you want the max cape, you need several billion GP. So you want to be able to make lots of money, clear high level content, get a lot of food and prayer points. Read the wiki guide on Money Making.

Skills Pros/Cons

My recommendation for when to unlock these skills: Early game: skill unlock 1-3. Mid game: 4-8. Late game: 9-12. End game: 13-17

Attack (skill).svg Attack, Strength (skill).svg Strength

Pros: Unlocked at start. No ammo needed to train. Can get starter weapon/armor quickly. Will need to use it for a while at the start. Fishing lets you train strength afk. Melee is the easiest way to idle the first two difficult dungeons.

Cons: Hard to get more mid/late game weapons and armor. Very weak to magic enemies. Not as strong as magic late game. Only contributes to combat level if higher level than other combat styles. Need to train two skills instead of one.

Defence (skill).svg Defence

Pros: Unlocked at start. Can train with any type of combat. Always contributes to combat level. Reduces food usage.

Cons: Doesn’t help you kill faster, for more xp/hr.

Ranged (skill).svg Ranged

Pros: Fairly easy to get weapon/armor drops from enemies. Frozen arrows are strong and relatively quick to gather with melee. Great against magic enemies.

Cons: Need to farm ammo, which is much slower if you don’t have mining + smithing for knives, and additionally woodcutting + fletching for arrows. Less needed than other forms of combat. Not as strong as magic late game. Only contributes to combat level if higher level than other combat styles.

Recommended to unlock: Late game

Magic (skill).svg Magic

Pros: Very strong, especially in the end game. Great for killing hard enemies and dungeons. Many enemies are melee so you have advantage. Alt magic lets you gain prayer points easily, plus some offline xp. Can craft good weapons/armor with runecrafting easily.

Cons: Need mining + runecrafting before you can start. Takes time to craft runes, best runes are locked behind a high runecrafting level. You need woodcutting or thieving to make basic elemental staves, otherwise they are monster drops. Prayer points can come from fishing instead. Needs ancient magic to reach full potential. Only contributes to combat level if higher level than other combat styles.

Recommended to unlock: Mid/Late game

Prayer (skill).svg Prayer

Pros: Helps a ton in combat, especially in difficult combat or late game. You get bones from everything. Always contributes to combat level.

Cons: Needs a supply of prayer points, bone drops aren’t enough. Best ways for that are Raw Skeleton Fish from fishing or Blessed Offering from alt magic.

Recommended to unlock: Mid game

Slayer (skill).svg Slayer

Pros: Rerolling easy tasks is free, so you can always gain slayer coins and xp from what you want to fighting. If you are willing to reroll tasks, it gives free slayer xp. Since you will spend a long time doing combat, might as well get extra XP from every kill. Slayer coins can be spent on important upgrades and resupply which gives food, bones and ammo. Unlocks slayer areas with important mobs, like mummy for gold emerald ring and gold topaz ring. With auto slayer upgrade, you can level quickly while afk. You will need to unlock slayer eventually.

Cons: Acquiring slayer coins requires you to manually reroll tasks, or at least switch to your current task, which is inconvenient for mostly idling/afk players until you get 150k for auto slayer. You can still earn some slayer xp by fighting in a slayer area. Takes a while to earn up coins to buy anything. Does not contribute to combat level!

Recommended to unlock: Early/Mid game

Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting

Pros: Easy to train afk, can make decent gp/hr at higher levels. Get logs for magic staves, arrows. Birds nest are a decent source of seeds. Level 99 needed to efficiently create Dragon Javelin, one of the best end game Money Making strategies.

Cons: Everything you can get here you can get from thieving, and the gp/hr is worse than gem gloves until a high level.

Recommended to unlock: Late/end game

Fishing (skill).svg Fishing

Pros: With cooking, easy and afk food supply. Get ARoS if you are lucky. Chance to get Message in a Bottle, which unlocks Raw Skeleton Fish which are a great source of prayer points. Train strength afk with barb fishing. Can make some money offline. Note you dont require cooking to gain food from fishing, at level 75 you can fish Raw Magic Fish which don't need to be cooked and heal 1700 hp.

Cons: You can get food from farming or combat. Prayer points can come from alt magic. The gp/hr is worse than gem gloves until high levels, can’t get that sweet whale+fishing cape gp/hr for a long time.

Recommended to unlock: Early-End game

Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking

Pros: The cape gives you xp bonus.. Eventually. Cooking xp bonus with fires. If you are going for max cape, might want to get FM cape and pet before completing some other skills.

Cons: Need 99 combat level to get skill cape, at which point the grind will not be as worth it compared to normal modes. Need to get logs from woodcutting.

Recommended to unlock: Late/End game

Cooking (skill).svg Cooking

Pros: Easy and quick afk food with fishing. If you aren't able to actively play, it is hard to get food from collecting monster drops or from farming.

Cons: You can get food and lots of other items from farming or combat. Does not give any advantage besides food.

Recommended to unlock: early or Late/End game

Mining (skill).svg Mining

Pros: Mining with gem gloves is the best money making strat early on, plus it's mostly afk. Can earn some offline gp before gem gloves. Need essence for magic and gloop for farming. With smithing, you can get bars for armor trimming, melee armor and weapons, and ranged ammo. Level 99 needed to efficiently create Dragon Javelin, one of the best end game Money Making strategies.

Cons: Need 500k for first pair of gem gloves.

Recommended to unlock: Early game

Smithing (skill).svg Smithing

Pros: Make silver/gold bars for armor trimming and gp before you can afford gem gloves. Make ranged ammo. Make melee weapons/armor. If you get to combat level 99 and 99 smithing, you can make dragon armor and trim it in order to afk volcano. Level 99 needed to efficiently create Dragon Javelin, one of the best end game Money Making strategies.

Cons: You can kill knights for melee weapons/armor far sooner than you unlock with smithing (except gloves). You can earn gold and silver bars from monster drops, although smithing is far quicker. Can get ranged ammo from mob drops.

Recommended to unlock: Mid/Late game

Thieving (skill).svg Thieving

Pros: Get decent (?) gp/hr while getting other materials like food and logs and seeds.

Cons: Hard to get started, will want to be naked before getting auto eat. You can get everything here from other places.

Recommended to unlock: Mid/Late game

Farming (skill).svg Farming

Pros: Food with no in game time spent. After a few days you make a ton of food every few hours. Only viable way to get herbs. Get most types of logs. Earn some decent gp with no in game time spent if you sell herbs/logs. Get most seeds from combat, or thieving or woodcutting.

Cons: Need to open the game every so often to get the most food. Need to buy Compost or kill farmers for it. Need mining to get Weird Gloop for best xp and food rate. Thieving or woodcutting is required to get Carrot Seeds.

Recommended to unlock: Early/Mid game

Fletching (skill).svg Fletching

Pros: Needed for ranged to craft arrows and bows. Level 99 needed to fletch Dragon Javelin, one of the best end game Money Making strategies.

Cons: Ranged is not the strongest, and you can get most arrows and bows from drops. Fletching djavs for money is not viable until combat level 99.

Recommended to unlock: Late/End game

Crafting (skill).svg Crafting

Pros: Makes ranged armor and jewelry.

Cons: Ranged armor and jewelry drop from combat. Not a great skill.

Recommended to unlock: End game

Runecrafting (skill).svg Runecrafting

Pros: Lets you use magic, the strongest end game combat style. Also required for alt magic for prayer points. Curses and auras make you stronger until you become OP with ancient magic.

Cons: Need mining first. Doesn’t do anything before unlocking magic. Higher tier runes require a high level, which means a high combat level.

Recommended to unlock: Mid/Late game

Herblore (skill).svg Herblore

Pros: Makes other skills more efficient. Combat potions provide a boost, but Diamond Luck Potion and Damage Reduction Potion are essential for late game combat. Level 53 needed to efficiently create Dragon Javelin, one of the best end game Money Making strategies.

Cons: Needs farming for herbs, some secondary materials are hard to get. Need a high combat level and a huge number of ingredients to get the best combat potions. Slow to train.

Recommended to unlock: Mid/Late game

Agility (skill).svg Agility

Pros: Provides small buffs to other skills, increasing XP, mastery, item preservation, combat buffs, etc. Easy afk way to make some gp/hr, with some increasingly steep startup costs. Gp/hr Does not surpass gem gloves until at least level 70, unless you have Aorpheat's Signet Ring.

Cons: Many obstacles require skills or items you have not unlocked yet. Obstacles become increasingly expensive, and some have large debuffs.

Recommended to unlock: Mid/Late/End game

Potential Skill Order WIP

Choosing a skill order will greatly change your path through Adventure Mode. Many skills are interconnected, and you will be limited by items you can't get and your combat level. Read the Skills Pros and Cons list above for a more in depth look at each skill. Plan ahead what skills you will buy next!

There is no best skill order. Your order depends greatly on how often you are actively playing the game, and overall priorities. The start of the game requires a lot of attention to progress efficiently, but you can still make some progress afk.

Early Game: Active Playing

Slayer > Farming > Mining > Gem Gloves > Auto Eat - Tier 1

With slayer, reroll easy tasks until you get the creature you want to fight, usually plants, cows, or farmers. Save slayer coins for auto slayer, or buy basic resupply if you are impatient.

Once you have the money for farming, buy it and start farming. Kill farmers for seeds. It is slow at first, but soon will give you more food than you need. Harvest and plant new seeds whenever you can. Herbs and trees are less important for now, but are still good for xp.

Buy mining and save up for gem gloves. Mine some essence and use it to make weird gloop. Mine the highest tier ore and sell it if you have to afk and aren't saving for smithing.

Early Game: AFK Playing

Mining > Gem Gloves > Fishing > Cooking > Auto Eat - Tier I

This route will be significantly slower, but at least you can make some progress when you are not able to have the game running.

You will need to actively collect loot from combat and heal with potatoes at first. Soon your regen will be enough to outheal plants, and later cows.

After you kill enough cows to unlock mining, you can start earning some gp offline, buy you will be greatly restricted by combat level. Work towards earning 500k so you can start earning good gp/hr offline. Then get fishing, cooking, and Auto Eat - Tier I so you can afk combat. When you get the drops, you can train strength through barbarian fishing and get prayer points from bone fish.

Mid Game: Melee

Source of Prayer Points > Prayer > Smithing

By now you should have a good source of food and progressing through combat. Get prayer points from fishing (bone fish), RC+magic (blessed offering) or slayer (resupply). Train prayer and slayer as you do combat so you are prepared for the higher tier dungeons. You can trim Mithril armor, or wait until you can fight adamant knights and trim their armor.

Mid Game: Magic

Runecrafting > Magic > Prayer

After some essence mining, start training runecrafting. Craft a set of air robes and get a weapon, either create a Magic Wand (Basic) from 1k essence or fight fairy for a staff. Then start whacking melee mobs with wind strike! As your combat level increases, you can craft higher tier runes to use stronger air spells. You can use alt magic to earn xp while offline, and you will want to cast a lot of Blessed Offering to earn prayer points when you unlock it.

Next Steps

There are lots of ways to go from here. Getting slayer and farming is a must if you haven't already. Herblore makes your other skills more efficient, thieving gives you Chapeau Noir and carrot seeds, agility gives passives boosts. Try to train two combat styles, probably magic and melee. Working on getting to 99 combat level and being able to idle the late game dungeons!

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