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This page is up to date (v0.19.2).

Many people have created spreadsheets to optimize advancement in the game. There is an active community of people trying to Theorycraft certain aspects of the game, creating new spreadsheets in the process, on the Melvor Idle Discord.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of the accuracy that a spreadsheet provides, calculations may be flawed. The version number is the game version for which the spreadsheet was last updated for, this does not necessarily mean that the spreadsheet will not work.

List of Spreadsheets

Name Description Author Version
Melvor Idle Rate & Resource Calculator Comprehensive sheet that helps calculate time, gain and resource usage till some level. Kidbiz20#2026 0.19.2
Melvor Import Template A template for use in other spreadsheets, it allows the ability to import data directly from a savegame via a script in the Script editor. Aurora Aquir#4272 0.19.2
Mining Companion Calculator for Mining, listing skill XP, GP, and resource gain per hour for each ore Xphan0z#6365 0.19.2
Melvor Idle Corruption Calculator Calculator for Chaos Mode Corruptions. Hetaku#3546 0.19.2
Dragon Jav Calc Calculator for Dragon Javelin Money Making method Nomeru#4261 0.18.2
HP Required Dungeon Charts Reference Chart for necessary DR and HP to idle dungeons Aurora Aquir#4272 0.18.2
Time for X Resource Calculator Comprehensive sheet that helps calculate time for X amount of resources (including multiple skills) and a combined clear time calculator for dungeons Foxy#5937 0.18.2
Can I Idle This? Calculator for Damage Reduction requirements for doing Dungeons Drboomtown#0982 0.17.0
Bank Slot Cost Calculator Calculates cost for bank slots based on current amount and desired amount Aether#7777 0.16.3
God Dungeon Money Making Calculates GP/H from God Dungeons based on clear times Breindahl#2660 0.16.3
Melvor Alching Calculator Calculates the shop price above which it's worth alching items vs. selling Spectroscopy#9979 0.16.3
Melvor Dragon Javelin Profit Calculates profit from creating dragon javelins. Lots of options to configure! Spectroscopy#9979 0.16.3
Melvor Farming Seed Calculator Calculates how many seeds you need to reach a particular mastery level Spectroscopy#9979 0.16.3
Seed Mastery Amounts of herb and allotment seeds needed for it to become selfsustaining JHawk55#8345 0.16.3
Thieving Calculator Calculates time to reach desired Thieving level based on selected target Nomeru#4261 0.16.3
Combat Leveling Highest XP/HR Targets for Combat Leveling. Trippledot 0.16.1
Endgame Weapon Comparison Thingamajig Spreadsheet comparing DPS of all endgame weapons (All combat styles) Trippledot 0.16.1
Elite Strength or Elite Glory Comparison between Elite Strength and Elite Glory amulets Trippledot 0.15.4
Fish Prep time vs HP Healed Figure out what gives you the best food in a given time (HP/Second). Levgre 0.15.4
Mastery Calculator Calculator for how many tokens you need to max mastery. Levgre#1415 0.15.4
Melvor Idle Calculations Calculator for various money making methods Rhaelyx 0.15.4
Melvor Idle Calculators & Tools A collection of calculators and tools Alexiea#6630
XP/HR Chart Weapon comparisons focused on XP/HR (Melee only). Using mid-tier gear/levels. Trippledot 0.15.4
Slayer Skip list Creates a monsterIDs Array based on ticked boxes and items equipped for use with SEMI 8992#7954
Aurora Aquir#4272

How to Use?

Usually to use the spreadsheet it has to be copied into your own account (On Google Sheets via File->Make a copy). Then fill in the parts of the spreadsheet that is meant to be filled in (Should be differentiated from the rest).

Melvor Idle version v0.19.2 (Released: 1st April 2021)
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