Mud Rune

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Mud Rune
Mud Rune
Combination Rune: Water & Earth
Item ID: melvorF:Mud_Rune
Category: Runecrafting
Type: Rune
Sells For: 10
Item Sources:
  • Pickpocketing: Acolyte
  • Runecrafting Level 30
  • Tasks
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Item Sources


Item Production
Requirements Runecrafting Level 30
Materials 1 Rune Essence
2 Water Rune
2 Earth Rune
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 32 XP
Base Creation Time 2s




Spell Requirements Type Description Runes Item Cost
Poison Pods Poison Pods Magic Level 100
Complete Ancient Sanctuary
Archaic You hurl large pods filled with poisonous gas at the enemy that burst open into a noxious cloud of gas that deals damage equal to 100% of your max hit 10 times over 4.5s. On a hit, inflicts Poison that deals 10% of the enemy's max hitpoints as damage over 10s. Avoidable. 10 Poison Rune, 5 Archaic Rune
5 Mist Rune, 5 Mud Rune, 5 Archaic Rune
Natures Bloom Natures Bloom Magic Level 110
Complete Ancient Sanctuary 100 times
Archaic You wrap yourself in protective leaves that lash out at the enemy dealing damage equal to 100% of your max hit 8 times over 3.5s. Damage is doubled if the enemy is poisoned. On a hit, has a 50% chance to inflict Poison that deals 10% of the enemy's max hitpoints as damage over 10s. On use, gives Regen that heals 30% of your current hitpoints over 5s. Avoidable. 16 Poison Rune, 5 Archaic Rune, 5 Calamity Rune
8 Mist Rune, 8 Mud Rune, 5 Archaic Rune, 5 Calamity Rune
Rags to Riches I Rags to Riches I Magic Level 48 Alt. Magic Convert selected Junk item, obtained from Fishing, into a random Gem. 1 Nature Rune, 2 Water Rune, 2 Earth Rune
1 Nature Rune, 2 Mud Rune
Rags to Riches II Rags to Riches II Magic Level 70 Alt. Magic Convert Coal Ore into a random Gem. 2 Nature Rune, 4 Water Rune, 4 Earth Rune, 2 Spirit Rune
2 Nature Rune, 4 Mud Rune, 2 Spirit Rune
1 Coal Ore


Task Requirements Rewards
Easy 250 Air Rune
250 Water Rune
250 Earth Rune
250 Fire Rune
GP 5,000
250 Mist Rune
250 Dust Rune
250 Mud Rune
250 Smoke Rune
Normal 500 Nature Rune
500 Mud Rune
1,500 Rune Essence
GP 25,000
3,000 Elemental Potion III