Nature's Wrath

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This page is up to date (v1.0.5).
Nature's Wrath
Nature's Wrath (spell).svg
Combat Spell ID: 21
Magic (skill).svg Level 65
Nature's Wrath Staff (item).png equipped
Combat spell with a max hit of 320
4 Air Rune (item).svg, 4 Water Rune (item).svg, 4 Earth Rune (item).svg, 4 Fire Rune (item).svg, 4 Nature Rune (item).svg
4 Steam Rune (item).svg, 4 Dust Rune (item).svg, 4 Nature Rune (item).svg

Nature's Wrath is a spell which can only be cast while the Nature's Wrath Staff (item).png Nature's Wrath Staff is equipped. Upon a successful hit, there is a 25% chance that the enemy will be affected by one of the following Combat Debuffs:

  • Frozen for one turn
  • Burned for 15% of the enemy's current hitpoints
  • Inflicted with Frostburn for two turns
  • Put to sleep for one turn