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This page is out of date (v1.0.3).
This article is about the Mining skill. For training the skill, see Mining/Training.

Mining is used for Mining ore, Rune Essence, and gems. Each Mining action takes 3 seconds, and can be reduced by 5-50% by purchasing pickaxe upgrades, 15% by purchasing the Master of Nature god upgrade, and 0.2 seconds by reaching the 50% Mastery pool checkpoint. The pickaxe upgrade and Master of Nature reductions are additive with each other, applying before the 0.2 second Mastery reduction, resulting in the lowest possible action time of 0.85 seconds. Ore and rune essence amounts can be doubled by wearing Mining Gloves with active charges. Raising Mining to Mining Level 99 will unlock the Mining Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the Mining Skillcape will give 1 bonus Coal Ore for every Mining action.

Mastery Unlocks

Item Mastery Unlocks

Level Unlock
1 Each Mastery Level increases maximum Rock HP by 1
10 1% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
20 2% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
30 3% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
40 4% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
50 5% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
60 6% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
70 7% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
80 8% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
90 9% Chance of obtaining 2 ore
99 15% Chance of obtaining 2 ore

Mastery Pool Checkpoints

Pool % Pool XP Bonus
10% 1,150,000 xp +5% Mining Mastery XP
25% 2,875,000 xp Reduced Ore respawn time by 10%
50% 5,750,000 xp Reduce Mining interval by 0.2s
95% 10,925,000 xp All Rocks gain +10 Maximum HP (Bonus applied on Rock Respawn)
Total Mastery Pool XP 11,500,000

Rock HP

Rock HP determines how many ores can be extracted from a rock before it has to respawn. All rocks passively regenerate HP at a rate of 1 every 10 seconds, stopping when a rock reaches its maximum HP. Regeneration does not occur while a rock is respawning after being fully depleted.

Maximum rock HP is calculated as follows:

[math]\displaystyle{ \text{Rock HP}=5 + \text{Mastery Level} + \text{Bonus} }[/math]

Where [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Bonus} }[/math] starts at 0, increasing by:

In addition, the following can be used to provide a chance to deal no damage to rock HP while Mining:

Using these bonuses effectively increases a rock's HP to [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{\text{Rock HP}}{1 - \text{Preserve Chance}} }[/math]. For example, a rock with a max HP of 12 while the Perfect Swing Potion III is being used will have an effective max HP of [math]\displaystyle{ \frac{12}{1 - 0.4} = 20 }[/math].

Due to passive rock HP regeneration, it is possible (given a sufficiently high maximum rock HP) to ensure a rock always has HP and never has to respawn, no matter how long it has been mined for. To achieve this, the player's chance to deal zero damage to ores must be at least [math]\displaystyle{ \left \lceil 1 - \frac{\text{Action Interval (seconds)}}{10} \right \rceil }[/math].

Therefore, the chance required in order to avoid respawns at the lowest possible interval (0.85 seconds) is [math]\displaystyle{ \left \lceil 1 - \frac{0.85}{10} \right \rceil = \left \lceil 0.915 \right \rceil = 0.92 = 92\% }[/math] or higher. This can be achieved by using Perfect Swing Potion IV, Miner's Helmet, and at least +9% from Terra.

Below lists the rock HP at various Mastery levels with and without the maximum possible bonus:

Mastery Level Max Rock HP
Without Bonus With Bonus
1 6 61
2 7 62
3 8 63
4 9 64
5 10 65
10 15 70
20 25 80
50 55 110
75 80 135
99 104 159


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Mining Level 99.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Mining Skillcape Mining Skillcape Mining Level 99 +1 Coal Ore per Ore Mined. (Item doubling does not apply)
Superior Mining Skillcape Superior Mining Skillcape Mining Level 120 +5% Chance to find gem veins when Mining
+2 Coal Ore per Ore Mined. (Item doubling does not apply)


The pet can be unlocked by doing any Mining action.

Pet Name Effect
Cool Rock Cool Rock +5 Mining Node HP


Pickaxes are permanent upgrades purchased from the Shop that decrease the amount of time it takes to mine ore by their bonus speed percentage. In addition they provide a chance to double ores. The bonuses provided by these upgrades are permanently active once purchased, they do not need to be equipped or otherwise enabled.


Higher tiers of ore are unlocked as the player's Mining level increases. Mining Rune Essence yields double the amount of ore, however Gem Gloves will not work when Mining it. To begin Mining Dragonite Ore the player must have at least 271 Mining mastery levels in total.


Each Mining action has a 1% gem find chance, which can be increased by +1-15% when the increased chance to receive gems modifier from Terra is active, or can be increased to 100% when wearing Gem Gloves. If the Clue Chasers Insignia is equipped, then this chance is increased by 10% of its current value (For example, a 20% chance becomes [math]\displaystyle{ 20\% \times 1.1 = 22\% }[/math] when Clue Chasers Insignia is equipped). The chance to receive a gem is capped at 100%, so any bonuses above this limit have no effect.

The Mole and Octopus synergy may also be used for a 15% chance to receive an additional gem of any type whenever a gem is dropped while Mining.

The possible gem drops are shown in the table below:

Gem Gem Chance Gem Price
Topaz Topaz 50.0% GP 225
Sapphire Sapphire 17.5% GP 335
Ruby Ruby 17.5% GP 555
Emerald Emerald 10.0% GP 555
Diamond Diamond 5.0% GP 1,150


The Perfect Swing Potion provides a chance to mine from a rock without lowering the rock's HP.

Perfect Swing Potion
Potion Tier Charges Effect
Perfect Swing Potion I I 30 +10% chance to do zero damage to Ores and Rune Essence
Perfect Swing Potion II II 50 +20% chance to do zero damage to Ores and Rune Essence
Perfect Swing Potion III III 80 +40% chance to do zero damage to Ores and Rune Essence
Perfect Swing Potion IV IV 100 +80% chance to do zero damage to Ores and Rune Essence

Summoning Boosts

This table shows all the Summoning Familiars and Synergies that provide a bonus to Mining.

Skill Boosts

This table lists most sources of Mining-specific modifier boosts. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page. This list does not contain boosts provided from Mastery rewards.


Prior to the release of V1.0, the source code file for the Mining skill was called rockHitting.js, which is in contrast to other skills' source files which are named eponymously (i.e., woodcutting.js for Woodcutting). This used to be case for Mining as well[1], however it turned out that some browsers or extensions block a script called mining.js, likely in an attempt to prevent unwanted crypto mining, so the file was eventually renamed.

Upon release of V1.0, Mining became one of a small number of tick-based skills, at which point the source file was renamed once more to rockTicking.js.