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This page is out of date (v1.0.1).

Why clear Deep Sea Ship?

The Deep Sea Ship dungeon is usually farmed for the Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier, which is an upgrade after the Dragon Sword (item).svg Dragon Sword.

The dungeon has two other notable uses.

The first one is farming Amulet of Torture (item).svg Amulets of Torture for Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (item).svg FEZ if you don't want farm Fierce Devil (monster).svg Fierce Devils.

The second one is getting the Ancient Sword (item).svg Ancient Sword if you want to save on food. Due to its low drop chance, it's usually done only if you really need it, for instance if you play HCCO.


Although you can beat the dungeon with any combat style, it is advised to use Magic (skill).svg Magic because the final boss The Kraken (monster).svg Kraken has high evasion against Combat.svg Melee and Ranged (skill).svg Ranged.

For instance, your Hitpoints (skill).svg HP expenditure per hour with Melee can be a quarter of what Magic spends, but the number of clears with Melee would be half of Magic. Usually for this dungeon, the difference in food is negligible in terms of time needed to produce it, so Magic is recommended.

Check your build with Can I Idle to see if you can idle the dungeon.

As an example, you need 680 HP with Auto Eat - Tier II (upgrade).svg Auto Eat - Tier II to idle this dungeon without any Damage Resistance.

Clear Statistics

This section will give you the approximate numbers when clearing the dungeon with the following build:

Item Slot DR%
Fire Expert Wizard Hat (item).svg Fire Expert Wizard Hat Head 5%
Fire Expert Wizard Robes (item).svg Fire Expert Wizard Robes Body 5%
Fire Expert Wizard Bottoms (item).svg Fire Expert Wizard Bottoms Leggings 5%
Fire Expert Wizard Boots (item).svg Fire Expert Wizard Boots Boots 5%
Paladin Gloves (item).svg Paladin Gloves Hands 4%
Amulet of Magic (item).svg Amulet of Magic Neck 0%
Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring Ring 0%
Miolite Shield (item).svg Miolite Shield Off-hand 2%
Total 26%

The simulation was done for the Hardcore.svg Hardcore/Adventure.png Adventure mode with 77 in all relevant stats and Auto Eat - Tier II (upgrade).svg Auto Eat - Tier II.

No 99 cooking mastery or 95% mastery pool.

Fire Surge (spell).svg Fire Surge without Combination Runes was used as a spell of choice.

Stat Per Hour
Runes 20.1k
Crab (item).svg Crabs 191
Clears 23.5
GP 123k
Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier 0.1931

For the Standard game mode, the only difference is that you spend 172 Crab (item).svg Crabs instead of 191.

With the clear speed of 23.5 dungeons per hour, you will need around 4 hours to have a 50% chance of getting Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier.

To have a 95% chance, you will need [math]( log_{1-5/641}0.05 ) / 23.5 = 16.2 \text{ hours}[/math].