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This page was last updated for (v1.2.2).

There are multiple different ways to play Melvor Idle. In addition to the official game modes that can be selected when creating a character, there are also community-created game modes that add additional self-imposed restrictions to what a given character is allowed to do.

Official Game Modes


This is the default Melvor Idle game mode. As the default way of playing the game, it doesn't have any unique modifiers.


- Main article: Hardcore

Hardcore characters are deleted upon Death and also have several penalties that apply while playing:

  • Hitpoints do not passively regenerate
  • The Bank is limited to a maximum of 108 slots - 12 slots are available initially and a further 96 can be purchased from the Shop. Players can gain additional slots to exceed this limit, either permanently through the use of Bank Slot Tokens, or temporarily while the Pillar of Generosity is active.
  • The Combat Triangle penalties for using the combat style that is weak against the current enemy are increased.


- Main article: Adventure

Adventure mode is a Game Mode in which players start with only a few skills and must work to unlock others. It includes the following changes:

  • Skills are locked and must be purchased using GP to access
  • Start with only Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints unlocked along with 10 Shrimp and a Bronze Sword.
  • Non-Combat skill levels cannot go above your Combat Level.
    • When a skill level reaches its limit, experience can be gained up to the experience required for the next level minus 1 experience point.
    • With a Combat Level at 99 ( 120) or higher, experience in skills is still limited to experience required for the next virtual level minus 1 experience point (e.g., with a combat level at 99, skill experience is limited to 14,391,159).
  • The Combat Triangle penalties for using a combat style the enemy is resistant to are increased (identical to the changes in Hardcore mode)
  • Hitpoints, Damage, and Food Healing values are 10x larger than in Standard or Hardcore modes. This is purely a cosmetic change - all gains that are based on HP work as in other modes.

Ancient Relics

- Main article: Ancient Relics

Ancient Relics mode is a Game Mode in which players start with a maximum Skill Level cap of Level 10 and must defeat Dungeons to increase it. Any experience earned beyond the skill cap -1 experience from the next level will be deleted. It includes the following changes:

  • Ancient relics can be located in all Skills to gain unique permanent modifiers. There are 5 Relics that can be found for each skill. Upon locating all 5 Relics, you will immediately be awarded with the Master Relic. A random guaranteed relic is awarded when the respective skill reaches level 20 and level 99, given there are still relics to locate for that skill.
  • Lesser Relics can be acquired while doing most Non-Combat skills at a rate of 1/1,000 (0.1%) per action and will always drop 300 at a time.
  • Fishing and Cooking are locked until Impending Darkness Event has been completed.
  • Defeating a dungeon for the first time awards you with 5 level cap increases. This allows you to choose between 2 random Non-Combat skills (including Prayer and Slayer). Each choice increases the respective skill's level cap by 15 (20 for Cartography and Archaeology).
  • Combat level caps automatically increase by 5 when defeating a dungeon for the first time.
  • Before completing the Impending Darkness Event, skills can reach a maximum of Level 99, except for Cartography and Archaeology which can reach level 120. When Impending Darkness is completed, every skill will have their level caps set to 100. Archaeology and Cartography will have their caps set to 120.
  • After Impending Darkness, each completed Dungeon will increase all Combat skill caps by 3 (including Slayer). The amount of Random skill increases is bumped up to 6 and award 8 levels each. When Throne of the Herald is completed, every skill will have their caps set to 120.
    • Finishing a base game dungeon after Impending Darkness will not allow you to increase skills beyond level 99. Due to a bug, it is highly recommended you do EVERY base game dungeon before completing IDE.
  • Dungeons also provide Food Crates upon completion as a reward.
  • All standard preservation and doubling is disabled. There are certain relics that can bypass this limitation for Ammo, Runes. The Fletching Master Relic gives 10% Global Preservation which works for all Non-Combat skills as well as Digsite map charges.
  • Game Mode uses the Hardcore Combat Triangle.
  • After Throne of the Herald has been defeated, all skills will be capped at 115.126.837 experience (level 121 -1 experience).
  • A number of requirement changes have been made:
    • Barrier dungeons no longer require anything from Archaeology or Cartography. Combat Areas and Slayer Areas are unaffected.
    • Golem Territory requires 1 completion of Frozen Cove.
    • Into the Mist no longer requires Slayer.
    • Impending Darkness requires 1 clear of Underwater City.
    • Cooking Upgrade 1 can be purchased for 5,000,000GP after 1 clear of Bandit Base.

Acquiring Ancient Relics

  • The drop rate of relics depends on the type of Skill and how many relics the player already has. This is because when rolling for a relic, every relic that has not been found (for that skill) will get a roll.
    • 1/200,000 (0.0005%) in Non-Combat Skills. With no relics unlocked, the rate is 1/40,000 (0.0025%).
    • 1/33,333 (0.003%) for Farming. Farming will roll for relics on every plot harvested. There is no difference between a single Harvest and using Harvest All. With no relics unlocked, the rate is 1/6,666 (0.015%).
    • 1/66,666 (0.0015%) for Township. Township will roll for relics 10 times every tick (1 hour), once when a building constructed and whenever a building has been repaired. With no relics unlocked, the rate is 1/13,333 (0.0075%).
    • 1/133,333 (0.00075%) in Combat Skills per attack turn. With no relics unlocked, the rate is 1/26,666 (0.00375%).
      • Hitpoints relic 4 is an exception with a chance of 1/200,000 (0.0005%).

Temporary Modes

The following game modes were introduced on a temporary basis in the past, and may no longer be available to play.


- Main article: Chaos

Chaos mode was a game mode released as part of the 2021 April Fools Event. It was a time limited event: new characters could only be made in Chaos Mode until April 11th, 2021, and the game mode was discontinued as part of the Alpha v0.21 update. It included the following features:

  • Item Corruption
  • 25% interval reduction on attack speeds & skill intervals (multiplicative)
  • All enemies have at least 1 random passive
  • All equipped items are lost on death
  • Golbin Raid is not available
  • The Combat Triangle penalties for using a combat style the enemy is resistant to are increased. (Identical to the changes in Hardcore mode)
  • Do not fight a Chicken

Hardcore Adventure Speedrun

- Main article: Hardcore Adventure Speedrun

The Hardcore Adventure Speedrun Game Mode was introduced as part of the April Fools Event 2022. It was a limited time game mode: Characters could be created for this game mode from April 1st, 2022; and could be played until April, 30th, 2022.

The aim of the game mode was to defeat Bane in the fastest time possible, with the following changes from the standard game mode:

  • Hardcore rules apply
  • Adventure rules apply
  • Double Maximum Hitpoints for you and the enemies.
  • -80% Attack Interval for you and the enemies.
  • -80% Skill intervals
  • +800% Global mastery XP
  • -2s Monster Respawn
  • Stability not guaranteed

Internal Suffering Speedrun

- Main article: Internal Suffering Speedrun

The Internal Suffering Speedrun Game Mode was introduced during V1.0.5. It is a limited time game mode which was available to play until August 31 23:59:59 GMT.

The aim of the game mode is to defeat Bane in the fastest time possible, although the mode has some unique mechanics which complicate this:

  • The game mode is safe - Characters are not lost upon death.
  • All skills except Firemaking and Farming are available from the start.
  • The player's skill level for all skills is initially capped at level 10.
  • This cap can be increased by 10 each time the player chooses to permanently disable any non-combat skill, so the player will be able to reach level 99 once 9 skills have been disabled. Once disabled, a skill may no longer be used.
  • Uses the same Combat Triangle as Hardcore mode, except it is reversed - Melee beats Magic, Ranged beats Melee, and Magic beats Ranged.

This game mode also has modifiers similar to Hardcore Adventure Speedrun, significantly increasing the rate of progression:

Community Created Variations

The following game modes aren't enforced in-game but instead have a list of rules that players who wish to play them choose to follow voluntarily. Different players may play the same game mode slightly differently or may choose to combine multiple to create an even more difficult challenge.

Some people also combine these game modes, for increased difficulty.

Game Modes

These modes are mostly collections of restrictions, or unique ways to play the game which are widespread enough to be talked about to some degree or another in an agreed-upon way.

Hardcore Combat Only (HCCO)

- Main article: Hardcore Combat Only

Hardcore Combat Only (often abbreviated to HCCO) is a game mode in which the player creates a Hardcore character which completely avoids non-combat skills. All gear and food can only be obtained through combat, so success in this game mode requires careful planning in order to grow stronger without dying, especially due to the lack of passive HP regeneration.


- Main article: PainCO

This is pain: A harder start to HCCO, with additional limitations such as some restricted monsters, being unable to use the shop, and no upgrading of items.


- Main article: Masochism

This mode is not meant to be easy, nor is it meant to be quick. It is meant so be slow, tedious, and to punish mistakes. Played in Adventure it is designed to make players think heavily about preparation and planning. In addition there are strong bank management aspects involved that can very easily punish mistakes.


12 Bank Slots (12B)

12 Bank Slots (often abbreviated as 12B) is a game mode in which players restrict themselves to the starting 12 bank slots and do not purchase more or use Bank Slot Tokens. Although often combined with Hardcore Combat Only, this game mode can also be played as a regular character.

This game mode can be compared to the UIM challenge on RuneScape.

Bank Completion

Bank Completion (also called Living Bank) is a challenge some people aim for once they start getting into late-game. It's an extension of Item Completion (getting 100% of items in Completion Log), where you have at least one of each item in the bank, effectively requiring you to have 2,494 Bank Slots.

Usually items that do not count for Completion are excluded from this challenge (just as they are in the completion log) since they include event specific time limited items, like the 1st anniversary cake, and would make it impossible to acquire for accounts that missed this to complete the challenge.

Some people might want to push this even further, and have 5 of every item, allowing themselves to fill all Equipment sets, and still have one of each item in their bank. This is often called b5nk, or Ultimate Living Bank.

While it is possible in Normal game mode to get enough slots, it is very hard to do so combined with Hardcore, due to the 108 bank slot cap from shop. One would need to farm and use at least 2,386 Bank Slot Tokens, preferably after hitting the 108-cap.

Combat Drops Only

While often considered as a "more relaxed" version of Combat Only, some people play Combat Drops Only/No Gathering (abbreviated CDO, or NG), where they are only allowed to craft items from resources collected from enemies.

The only skills they are allowed to use are Firemaking, Cooking, Smithing, Farming, Fletching, Crafting, Runecrafting, Herblore, Alt. Magic, and those related to combat.

As a note, there is currently no way to level Firemaking, as there is no enemy who drops Normal Logs.


Disallows fleeing from combat. There's no room for both the enemy and yourself to remain alive! Requires a bit of planning ahead.


Shopless (SL) is as simple it sounds, this game mode doesn't allow the usage of the shop. This limits the user to the initial bank slots until slaying God Dungeons, no skill upgrades, and no Auto Eat. Usually, the player may use Gold Pieces collected to upgrade gear, but there's no purpose to accumulating Slayer Coins.

Vegan Mode

Vegan players don't like to kill animals nor human beings, but allow themselves to kill monsters (because they're evil, apparently), and plants. Nevertheless, they will still pickpocket the humans, in order to distribute the wealth of the rich.


Also called No Combat (NC): Most normal accounts start out as skiller accounts, and some players decide to stick with it. Players in this game mode never touch combat, and just live a peaceful life gathering resources through hard labour.