Lemon Cake (Perfect)

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This page is up to date (v1.0.5).
Lemon Cake (Perfect)
Lemon Cake (Perfect) (item).png
No Description
Item ID: 1061
Category: Cooking
Type: Product
Sells For: Coins.svg 103.5
Heals for: Hitpoints (skill).svg 75.9
Item Sources:
  • Cooking (skill).svg Level 99
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: No

Lemon Cake (Perfect) along with Lemon Cake (item).png Lemon Cake are Easter Egg items. While these items were first introduced during the Alpha v0.22 update, they could not be legitimately obtained until V1.0.3.

Item Sources


Item Creation
Requirements Cooking (skill).svg Level 99
Materials 4 Lemon (item).jpg Lemon
1 Bag of Flour (item).png Bag of Flour
1 Cream (item).png Cream
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 69 XP
Base Creation Time 6.9s
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To obtain the Lemon Cake (Perfect), the player must first meet all of the following requirements:

Once the requirements are met, Lemon Cake (item).png Lemon Cake can be selected as a recipe from the Furnace. As with other recipes there is a chance that the cooking attempt will be perfect, resulting in the player obtaining the perfect variant of the cake.