Internal Suffering Speedrun

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The Internal Suffering Speedrun Game Mode was introduced during V1.0.5. It is a limited time game mode which was available to play until August 31 23:59:59 GMT.

The aim of the game mode is to defeat Bane in the fastest time possible, although the mode has some unique mechanics which complicate this:

  • The game mode is safe - Characters are not lost upon death.
  • All skills except Firemaking and Farming are available from the start.
  • The player's skill level for all skills is initially capped at level 10.
  • This cap can be increased by 10 each time the player chooses to permanently disable any non-combat skill, so the player will be able to reach level 99 once 9 skills have been disabled. Once disabled, a skill may no longer be used.
  • Uses the same Combat Triangle as Hardcore mode, except it is reversed - Melee beats Magic, Ranged beats Melee, and Magic beats Ranged.

This game mode also has modifiers similar to Hardcore Adventure Speedrun, significantly increasing the rate of progression:

Combat Notes

The base respawn timer is 1 second, unlike the usual 3s waiting interval. Base intervals for different weapons is as follows, which can be lowered even more with other passives from other Attack Interval bonuses.

Weapon type Interval
No weapon 0.75s
3.10s weapons 0.60s
2.40s weapons 0.45s
2.20s weapons 0.40s

Skill Notes

While the experience per action does not appear to get the full bonus from the game mode, this is due to how mastery scales over its interval. The experience gained per action seems to be slightly above the usual experience, but the experience per time is greatly increased!

The +800% bonus essentially implies a 9x multiplier to Mastery XP over time.