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This page is up to date (v1.3).

Food is used to replenish Hitpoints during Combat or Thieving. Up to 3 types of food can be equipped for use from the Bank. Food can be unequipped through the Combat or Thieving page, by using the food drop-down menu and selecting Unequip.

To consume food, it must first be equipped through the Bank and then selected using the food drop-down menu on the Combat or Thieving page. After the food has been equipped and selected, it can be clicked for consumption provided the player is not at full health. When food is consumed manually, the player will be healed immediately for the amount listed in the description of the food and their attack will reset. If the attack being performed was a Special Attack, then the next attack after eating will always be a normal attack (with the exception of Ancient and Archaic spells, which remain special).

The amount healed by all foods can be increased by 10% by reaching the 95% Mastery pool checkpoint for Cooking, plus an additional 10% for each of the Coal Stones and Ice Jump Agility obstacles that are built (for a total of up to 20% from Agility). In addition, the amount healed by cooked food can be increased by a further 20% if the food is at Mastery level 99 in Cooking. These bonuses are additive, providing up to a 50% increase to the amount healed by cooked food, and up to 30% for uncooked fish and harvested food.

Cooked Food

- Main article: Cooking

Uncooked Fish

Item Name Healing Value
Raw Magic Fish 140 960GP

Harvested Food

- Main article: Farming

Manual Eating

A Player's attack will completely reset if food is eaten manually. If a Special Attack was about to hit, this will also prevent this from occurring and the next attack may not necessarily be another special attack. Similarly, manually eating while stunned or asleep will extend the duration that the debuff applies for.

Auto Eat

Auto Eat is an upgrade purchasable from the Shop, which will use food automatically when the players health reaches a certain threshold.

  • The minimum threshold listed is the percent of Hitpoints you must have before Auto Eat will be begin eating. This threshold may be increased if the Wasteful Ring is equipped. The absolute Hitpoints threshold for Auto Eat can be seen in-game when hovering over the Auto Eat icon near the player's health bar on both the Combat and Thieving pages.
  • Max Healing is what percent of Hitpoints must be reached before Auto Eat will stop eating.
  • Efficiency affects how many Hitpoints an individual piece of food will replenish. For example: if a Potato would ordinarily heal 10 Hitpoints, a Potato consumed with Auto Eat - Tier I will only restore 6 Hitpoints. Efficiency can be improved further by building Agility obstacles that provide an increase to Auto Eat efficiency.

Auto Eat Efficiency

Auto Eat will only use the currently equipped and selected food type. If all the selected food has been consumed and the equipped food slot is empty, Auto Eat will not work. Once the selected food has been depleted, Cooking Upgrade 2 will automatically swap to the next available slot containing food, however if the upgrade has not been purchased then another food type must be manually selected for Auto Eat to continue functioning. Your attack does not reset if Auto Eating triggers. Auto Eat will still trigger when the player is stunned or asleep.

Cooking Upgrades

There are a couple of Cooking upgrades that can be purchased from the Shop: Cooking Upgrade 1 and Cooking Upgrade 2.

Cooking Upgrade 1 allows any food created while Cooking to be automatically equipped if the food item currently being cooked is already equipped. This can be useful for instances where bank space is at a premium, as the cooked food will bypass the Bank.

Cooking Upgrade 2 automatically swaps to the next available food slot should the food in the current slot run out during Combat or Thieving due to Auto Eat. If the food in the current slot is exhausted due to manual eating then no automatic swapping will occur and the player will need to select another slot manually. Similarly, if no other slots contain food then no automatic swapping of slots will occur and the player must equip additional food.