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This article is about listing scripts and extensions. For instructions on installing scripts and extensions, see Scripting and Extensions Instructions.

Many people have developed scripts and extensions that add QOL, automation, calculators and more. There is an active community of people trying to develop new scripts and extensions on the Melvor Idle Discord.

For spreadsheet based calculators instead, see Spreadsheets and Theorycrafting.

Disclaimer: It is possible that there are bugs in these scripts that could corrupt your game. Also note that many of these scripts and extensions were created for earlier versions of the game and could not be working in newer versions, or worst case scenario, corrupt your save.

It is highly recommended to BACKUP YOUR SAVE before running any scripts or extensions.

Disclaimer: Do not run code you can not understand or do not trust. Malicious code could be included in any of these scripts and extensions.

List of Independent Tools

These tools are used independently of the Melvor Idle app and website. Usually they are independent reference tools or interact with game data via the save data export.

List of Scripts and Extensions

These tools are used as part of the Melvor Idle app and website. Usually they are add ons that add menus, sections, or other functionality to the game interface.

In-game functions

- Main article: In-game Functions

It is possible to interact directly with the in-game functions of the game through the console. This can be used to add items, levels, GP and more.

How to Use?

Depending on the type of script or extension, different methods may be needed to add them to the game. For Steam and web browser (PC), see Scripting and Extensions Instructions.

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