Meteorite Marksman Ring

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Throne of the Herald Expansion Meteorite Marksman Ring
Meteorite Marksman Ring
When equipped with Meteorite Javelins OR Meteorite Bolts: +30% Ammo Preservation and +10% Ranged Strength Bonus from Equipment
Item ID: melvorTotH:Meteorite_Marksman_Ring
Category: Combat
Type: Ring
Sells For: 700,000
Equipment Slot: Ring, Passive
Item Sources:
  • Crafting Level 120
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes


Meteorite Marksman Ring does not provide any stat bonuses in combat.

Item Sources


Item Production
Requirements Crafting Level 120
Materials 250 Meteorite Bar
50 Zephyte
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 1 XP
Base Creation Time 3s