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No Description
Item ID: melvorF:Summoning_Familiar_Leprechaun
Category: Summoning
Type: Familiar
Sells For: 0
Equipment Slot: Summon1, Summon2

+50 GP From Thieving

Item Sources:
  • Summoning Level 45
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

The Leprechaun is the Summoning Familiar for Thieving.

When creating Leprechaun, it may seem that the player will lose Coins.svg  when using the Tablets, but this is the case far less often than it may appear at first glance.

  • Paying Coins.svg  only, and no items, to gain experience Summoning is powerful in its own right.
  • Leprechaun Synergies are typically very strong.
  • Summoning Summoning#Mastery_Unlocks in Leprechaun reduce the amount of Coins.svg  required and the amount of tablets created per craft.
  • Item Preservation and Item Doubling can drastically multiply the output of tablets being created.
  • All +X% Coins.svg  modifiers multiply the amount of Coins.svg  earned by Leprechaun tablets.
  • For example: Thieving Thieving#Item_Mastery_Unlocks provides large bonuses to +X% Coins.svg .

In practice

With 0 bonuses to anything and level 1 Mastery in creating Leprechaun tablets and level 1 Mastery in the NPC being pickpocketed (but assuming 100% success rate for ease of numbers):

  • 1 action in Summoning costs Coins.svg 5,000 and creates 25 Leprechaun tablets worth Coins.svg 50.5 (1262.5 total)
  • This totals a loss of Coins.svg 3737.5

With level 50 Mastery in Leprechaun tablets, level 50 Mastery in the NPC being pickpocketed, and the 50% Thieving Thieving#Mastery_Pool_Checkpoints:

  • 1 action in Summoning costs Coins.svg 4,150 and creates 25 Leprechaun tablets worth Coins.svg 125 (3125 total)
  • This totals a loss of Coins.svg 1,025

Using the previous stats and adding 25% Item Preservation and Item Doubling to Summoning and equipping the Thiever's Cape, Jeweled Necklace, and Sneak-Ers while pickpocketing:

  • 1 action in Summoning costs Coins.svg 3,112.5 and creates 31.25 Leprechaun tablets worth Coins.svg 135 (4,218.75 total)
  • This totals a PROFIT of Coins.svg 1,106.25


Leprechaun does not provide any stat bonuses in combat.

Item Sources


Item Production
Requirements Summoning Level 45
At least 1 Leprechaun mark discovered
Materials 8 Summoning Shard (Green), 6 Summoning Shard (Silver)
GP 1,000
Base Quantity 25
Base Experience 23 XP
Base Creation Time 5s