Hardcore Adventure Speedrun

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The Hardcore Adventure Speedrun Game Mode was introduced as part of the April Fools Event 2022. It was a limited time game mode: Characters could be created for this game mode from April 1st, 2022; and could be played until April, 30th, 2022.

The aim of the game mode was to defeat Bane in the fastest time possible, with the following changes from the standard game mode:

  • Hardcore rules apply
  • Adventure rules apply
  • Double Maximum Hitpoints for you and the enemies.
  • -80% Attack Interval for you and the enemies.
  • -80% Skill intervals
  • +800% Global mastery XP
  • -2s Monster Respawn
  • Stability not guaranteed

Combat Notes

The base respawn timer is 1 second, unlike the usual 3s waiting interval. Base intervals for different weapons is as follows, which can be lowered even more with other passives from other Attack Interval bonuses.

Weapon type Interval
No weapon 0.75s
3.10s weapons 0.60s
2.40s weapons 0.45s
2.20s weapons 0.40s

Skill Notes

While the experience per action does not appear to get the full bonus from the game mode, this is due to how mastery scales over its interval. The experience gained per action seems to be slightly above the usual experience, but the experience per time is greatly increased!

The +800% bonus essentially implies a 9x multiplier to Mastery XP over time.