April Fools Event 2022

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The April Fools event for 2022 introduced the Hardcore Adventure Speedrun Game Mode. Characters could be created for this game mode from April 1st, 2022; and could be played until April, 30th, 2022.

Hardcore Adventure Speedrun

- Main article: Hardcore Adventure Speedrun

Hardcore Adventure Speedrun is an all new limited gamemode! At its core, it consists of a very sped up gameplay, and your goal is to defeat the Bane, Instrument of Fear as quickly as possible!

The changes introduced in this new mode are as follows:

  • Hardcore rules apply
  • Adventure rules apply
  • Double Maximum Hitpoints for you and the enemies.
  • -80% Attack Interval for you and the enemies.
  • -80% Skill intervals
  • +800% Global mastery XP
  • -2s Monster Respawn
  • Stability not guaranteed