Melantis Clue 2

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Melantis Clue 2
Melantis Clue 2
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Item ID: melvorAoD:Melantis_Clue_2
Category: Archaeology
Type: Artefact
Sells For: 2
Item Sources:
  • Cartography Level 1
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: No

Melantis Clue 2 is obtained upon solving Melantis Clue 1.

Three hex locations in an upright triangle formation. At the center of the triangle is a six pointed star, with a line connecting to each hex. The top hex is at the coordinates 9, 5. The bottom left is at 2, 15. The bottom right is at 16, 15.

A sketch of the mural from the pyramid

Clue Solution (contains spoilers!)
This clue is only obtainable after completing Melantis Clue 1, and discovering the Pyramid Point of Interest

To complete this clue, the player must equip Water Expert Wizard Robes as well as a Mystic Water Staff and then travel to the Cartography Coordinates (9,11).

This will unlock the Mysterious Island Point of Interest as well as Melantis Clue 3

Item Sources