Melantis Clue 1

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Melantis Clue 1
Melantis Clue 1
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Item ID: melvorAoD:Melantis_Clue_1
Category: Archaeology
Type: Artefact
Sells For: 1
Item Sources:
  • Archaeology Level 24
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Melantis Clue 1 can be obtained as a small artefact from the Monuments dig site.


My Dearest Colleague,

Our pursuit of the lost city of Melantis has taken an intriguing turn.

We have recently made a remarkable discovery at the pyramid. There appears to be a complex system of streams and channels that have been carefully engineered within it. We believe that channelling water, the source of life and renewal, into these pathways will reveal the entrance to the pyramid’s inner chamber. A mage well-versed in the mystic water arts, equipped with expert magical items may be enough to accomplish this feat.

I assure you that I will write to you again once we learn more.

With utmost anticipation,

Some Guy

Clue Solution (contains spoilers!)
To complete this clue, the player must equip Water Expert Wizard Robes as well as a Mystic Water Staff and then travel to the Cartography Coordinates (16,13).

This will unlock the Pyramid Point of Interest as well as Melantis Clue 2

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