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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).

Strength is a Combat skill, and is used alongside Attack for Melee combat. The Strength skill increases the player's Max Hit when using any Melee attack style. Max Hit determines the maximum potential damage which can be dealt on a successful attack before accounting for Damage Reduction.

Strength experience can be earned by using the Slash attack style in combat. 0.4 XP is awarded per point of damage done to enemies. Fishing in the Barbarian Fishing area grants Strength experience as well, making it the only Melee skill that can be advanced outside of combat.

Skill Level Unlocks

Increasing the Strength skill increases the player's Max Hit when using any Melee attack style.

Strength Level Unlocks
10 Build Pipe Climb in Obstacle 3 (requires Defence 10)
Build Cave Climb in Obstacle 4 (requires Ranged 10, Magic 10)
20 Build Mud Dive in Obstacle 4 (requires Attack 20)
40 Wield Archaeologist's Whip (requires Archaeology 40)
45 Bulky Gloves
50 Build Lake Swim in Obstacle 6 (requires Prayer 50)
70 Build Raft Building in Obstacle 8 (requires Hitpoints 70)
Build Frozen Lake Crossing in Obstacle 9 (requires Hitpoints 70)
Build Water Jump in Obstacle 9 (requires Magic 70, Ranged 70)
90 Wield Ultima Godsword (requires Attack 90)
95 Build Dragon Fight in Obstacle 10 (requires Attack 95, Defence 95, Prayer 95)
99 Wear Maximum Skillcape (requires level 99 in all skills)
Wear Strength Skillcape
110 Wear Gauntlets of Rage (requires Impending Darkness Event cleared)
120 Wear Superior Max Skillcape (requires level 120 in all skills)
Wear Superior Strength Skillcape
Wear Vorloran Protector BootsVorloran Protector GauntletsVorloran Protector HelmetVorloran Protector PlatebodyVorloran Protector Platelegs Vorloran Protector Armour (requires Attack 120, Defence 120, Impending Darkness Event cleared)


The standard and superior skillcapes for this skill can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 and Coins.svg 10,000,000 after the player reaches Strength Level 99 and Strength Level 120, respectively. Reaching Strength Level 120 requires the Throne of the Herald Expansion.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
Strength Skillcape Strength Skillcape Strength Level 99 +20 Melee Strength Bonus
Superior Strength Skillcape Superior Strength Skillcape Strength Level 120 +5% Melee Strength Bonus from Equipment


This skill's pet can be unlocked by performing any combat action that provides Strength XP. This pet cannot be unlocked through Barbarian Fishing.

Pet Name Effect
Lil Ron Lil Ron +3 Hidden Strength Level