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This page is up to date (v0.19).

Pets are unlockables which give a permanent bonus.

One of the Pets in the game, Cool Rock

Pets are not items and will not be in your bank, pets will appear on the page the pet can be acquired in in the mini-HUD. The total amount of Pets and all pets acquired can be seen in the Pets section of the Completion Log. Once a pet is acquired it is permanently active and cannot be turned off.

Acquiring Pets

The Chance to acquire a Pet on any given action of a Skill is:

[math]\dfrac{\text{Time required for action(s)}\times(\text{Virtual level of Skill}+1)}{25\;000\;000}[/math]

For example, a player with level 99 Crafting who has unlocked Perpetual Haste (upgrade).svg Perpetual Haste and is wearing the Crafting Skillcape (item).svg Crafting Skillcape will take 1.9 seconds to complete an action, which means each action will give a [math]\tfrac{1.9 \times (99 + 1)}{25\;000\;000} = 0.00076\text{%}[/math] chance to earn Caaarrrlll (pet).png Caaarrrlll.

For combat an action is an attack. For Slayer (skill).svg Slayer, an action is an attack against the player's current Slayer task.

All pets except Larry, the Lonely Lizard (pet).png Larry, the Lonely Lizard, Golden Golbin (pet).svg Golden Golbin, Ty (pet).svg Ty, Peri (pet).svg Peri, and Otto (pet).svg Otto are acquired this way.

  • Larry is rolled when crops are harvested. The chance formula used is unique to Larry, as explained here.
  • The Golden Golbin is a guaranteed drop after reaching a total Golbin Kill Count of 42,069. Both melee Golbin (monster).svg Golbins in the Golbin Village (combatArea).svg Golbin Village and all golbins in the Golbin Raid count.
  • Ty is rolled whenever any action is taken that rewards Mastery.svg Mastery xp.
  • Peri is rolled with a 1 in 10,000 chance for each monster killed in Perilous Peaks (combatArea).svg Perilous Peaks.
  • Otto is rolled with a 1 in 10,000 chance for each monster killed in Dark Waters (combatArea).svg Dark Waters.

It is possible to acquire a Pet Offline.

List of all Pets

Name Image Skill Effect
Beavis Beavis (pet).png Woodcutting +5% chance to receive double logs from Woodcutting.
Pudding Duckie Pudding Duckie (pet).png Fishing Created by Patreon (Moose)
5% chance to double the amount of Fish per catch.
Pyro Pyro (pet).png Firemaking +1% Global XP.
Cris Cris (pet).svg Cooking 5% Chance to receive 2x Cooked Fish
Cool Rock Cool Rock (pet).svg Mining All mining nodes gain +5 Max HP.
Named after CoolRox95
Puff, the Baby Dragon Puff, the Baby Dragon (pet).svg Smithing +10% chance to preserve resources when Smithing.
Snek Snek (pet).png Thieving Gain 50% Extra Gold from Thieving
Larry, the Lonely Lizard Larry, the Lonely Lizard (pet).png Farming +5 Harvest Quantity
Quill Quill (pet).svg Fletching Reduced Fletching interval by 0.2s
Caaarrrlll Caaarrrlll (pet).png Crafting Reduced Crafting interval by 0.3s
Gunter Gunter (pet).svg Runecrafting +10% chance to preserve Rune Essence when crafting Runes.
Gronk Gronk (pet).png Herblore 2% Chance to brew double Potions
Bruce Bruce (pet).svg Attack Gain +3 Hidden Attack Level
Lil Ron Lil Ron (pet).svg Strength Gain +3 Hidden Strength Level
Leonardo Leonardo (pet).svg Defence Gain +1% Damage Reduction
Finn, the Cat Finn, the Cat (pet).png Hitpoints Gain +10 Maximum HP
Marahute Marahute (pet).png Ranged +5% Chance to preserve Ammo
Salem Salem (pet).svg Magic +5% Chance to preserve all Runes when casting Magic
Monk-ey Monk-ey (pet).png Prayer +5% Chance to ignore Prayer Point cost.
Asura Asura (pet).png Slayer Task Created by Patreon ( [ ] )
Gain 20% Extra Slayer Coins from Slayer Tasks
Golden Golbin Golden Golbin (pet).svg Combat +1% chance to double loot acquired through combat.
Ty Ty (pet).svg Mastery +3% Global Mastery XP
Peri Peri (pet).svg Slayer +5% Evasion Ratings.
Otto Otto (pet).svg Slayer -0.1s Attack Speed Reduction.
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