Cooking Upgrade 2

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This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Cooking Upgrade 2
Cooking Upgrade 2
When running out of Food in Combat, automatically swap to a different Food Slot that contains food. This can be toggled on or off.
Type: Upgrade
Cost: GP 75,000,000
Requirements: Cooking Level 90

Cooking Upgrade 2 is an upgrade for Cooking that can be purchased from the Shop. Once purchased, should the player run out of food due to Auto Eat while in Combat or when training Thieving, the game will automatically swap to the next available slot containing Food.

If no other slots contain food or the last food within the slot was consumed manually, then automatic swapping does not occur and the player must swap food slots manually.

If within a dungeon, this upgrade will swap food when the current slot runs out regardless of whether Dungeon Equipment Swapping has also been purchased or not.