Melantis Clue 4

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Melantis Clue 4
Melantis Clue 4
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Item ID: melvorAoD:Melantis_Clue_4
Category: Archaeology
Type: Artefact
Sells For: 4
Item Sources:
  • Cartography Level 1
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: No

Melantis Clue 4 is the final in a series of Melantis clues, and is obtained upon solving Melantis Clue 3.


Beneath the swirling abyss, a city lies,
Waiting for one who dares to rise
From the depths so far below,
To break the slumber of long ago.

But finding this city requires great care,
Three enchanted objects you must wear.

The robes of the water's embrace,
An ancient cape with fiery grace,
And a mirror to see through any place.

With these objects, you're prepared to find
The hidden path that's hard to define.
Watch out for illusions that may mislead,
And magic that tries to make you concede.

But with these objects, you're well-protected,
And can brave the journey with skills perfected.
So take on this quest and heed the call,
The city of Melantis awaits your haul.

Clue Solution (contains spoilers!)
This clue is only obtainable after completing Melantis Clue 3, and discovering the Ruined Silver City Point of Interest

To complete this clue, the player must equip Water Expert Wizard Robes as well as the Ancient Infernal Cape and the Trickery Mirror.

Once all items have been equipped, the player must then travel to the Cartography Coordinates (2,28).

This will unlock the Melantis Point of Interest and complete the hunt!

Item Sources

POI Discovery Rewards

Point of InterestXYRequirementsDiscovery Rewards
Ruined Silver City115Cartography Level 5
Find Melantis Clue 3
Discover Mysterious Island
1 Melantis Clue 4