Golden Golbin Statue

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Golden Golbin Statue
Golden Golbin Statue
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Item ID: melvorAoD:Golden_Golbin_Statue
Category: Cartography
Type: Misc
Sells For: 6,969
Item Sources:
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

The Golden Golbin Statue is obtained by opening a Golden Crate and can also be obtained from a Random Travel Event in Cartography which happens randomly when travelling over water hexes. The chance for a Random Travel Event increases with each water hex in your path and can be further increased with Captains Logbook.

In order to obtain the Golden Golbin Statue from a random travel event, you must have at least 1 Treasure Map in your bank when the travel event occurs otherwise a Treasure Map will be given instead. When obtaining the Golden Golbin Statue from the Golden Crate, a Treasure Map is not required.

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