Ranged Assistance Potion IV

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Ranged Assistance Potion IV
Ranged Assistance Potion IV
No Description
Item ID: melvorF:Ranged_Assistance_Potion_IV
Category: Herblore
Type: Potion
Sells For: 29
Charges: 20

+20% Ranged Accuracy Bonus
+20% Ranged Evasion
+10% chance to ignore poison

Item Sources:
  • Upgrading: Ranged Assistance Potion III
  • Herblore Level 15
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

- Main article: Ranged Assistance Potion

Item Sources


Item Production
Requirements Herblore Level 15
Level 90 Ranged Assistance Potion Mastery
Materials 1 Sourweed Herb
1 Raw Beef
Base Quantity 1
Base Experience 14 XP
Base Creation Time 2s


Item Upgrade
Materials 3 Ranged Assistance Potion III