Pudding Duckie

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Pudding Duckie
Pudding Duckie (pet).png
Pet ID: 1
Skill: Fishing (skill).svg Fishing
Effect: Created by Patreon (Moose)
5% chance to double the amount of Fish per catch.

Pudding Duckie is a pet created by Patreon Moose acquired through Fishing (skill).svg Fishing. The +5% to double caught fish provided by Pudding Duckie is additive with the bonuses from Fishing Mastery and Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring, and multiplicative with the item doubling effect from wearing any of Fishing Skillcape (item).svg Fishing Skillcape, Max Skillcape (item).svg Max Skillcape, or Cape of Completion (item).svg Cape of Completion.

There is no best fish to acquire Pudding Duckie, all fish are equivalent.

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