Combat areas

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This page is up to date (v0.18.0).

Standard Combat Training, with a variety of monsters and drops. Gives gold too, and is great for leveling combat stats. All zones are unlocked from the beginning of the game, but beware: some areas are hard!

Combat Areas

Dungeon Name Monster Difficulty Lowest Combat Level Monster Highest Combat Level Monster
Golbin Village (combatArea).svg Golbin Village Very Easy 2 7
Farmlands (combatArea).svg Farmlands Very Easy — Medium 1 47
Graveyard (combatArea).svg Graveyard Very Easy — Medium 7 46
Sandy Shores (combatArea).svg Sandy Shores Very Easy — Medium 2 34
Wet Forest (combatArea).svg Wet Forest Easy — Medium 20 35
Bandit Hideout (combatArea).svg Bandit Hideout Easy — Medium 23 44
Giant Dungeon (combatArea).svg Giant Dungeon Easy — Medium 28 60
Icy Hills (combatArea).svg Icy Hills Easy — Hard 27 75
Castle of Kings (combatArea).svg Castle of Kings Easy — Hard 12 101
Wizard Tower (combatArea).svg Wizard Tower Medium — Very Hard 32 108
Dragon Valley (combatArea).svg Dragon Valley Hard — Very Hard 79 120
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