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{{Aurora|name=Charged II|id=8|level=70|itemRequired=None|effect=Increases your Minimum Hit by 20.|runeList=*[[File:Chaos Rune (item).svg|25px|middle|link=Chaos Rune]] 3 [[Chaos Rune]]
{{Aurora|name=Charged I|id=4|level=45|itemRequired=None|effect=Increases your Minimum Hit by 10.|runeList=*[[File:Chaos Rune (item).svg|25px|middle|link=Chaos Rune]] 2 [[Chaos Rune]]
*[[File:Death Rune (item).svg|25px|middle|link=Death Rune]] 3 [[Death Rune]]
*[[File:Death Rune (item).svg|25px|middle|link=Death Rune]] 2 [[Death Rune]]
*[[File:Light Rune (item).svg|25px|middle|link=Light Rune]] 2 [[Light Rune]]}}
*[[File:Light Rune (item).svg|25px|middle|link=Light Rune]] 1 [[Light Rune]]}}

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