Bleed Burner Cape

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Bleed Burner Cape
Bleed Burner Cape
No Description
Item ID: melvorTotH:Bleed_Burner_Cape
Category: Misc
Type: Armour
Sells For: 850,000
Equipment Slot: Cape

+50% chance to ignore bleed

Item Sources:
  • Killing: Monster Croc
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

The Bleed Burner Cape is a cape which has a 50% chance of ignoring Bleeds. Due to the way this modifier works, each time the player is dealt damage by a tick of bleed the cape has a chance of nullifying the entire effect. As a result this cape is very powerful against monsters with long lasting bleed effects, such as those within the Golden Cloud Mountains.


Armour Stats
Offensive Stats Defensive Stats
Strength Strength Bonus 0 Defence Defence Bonus 110
Combat Stab Bonus 0 Defence Damage Reduction 3%
Combat Slash Bonus 0 Ranged Defence Bonus 110
Combat Block Bonus 0 Magic Defence Bonus 0
Ranged Attack Bonus 0 Equip Requirements
Ranged Strength Bonus 0 None
Magic Attack Bonus 0
Magic % Damage Bonus 0%

Item Sources