Bleed Burner Cape

The Bleed Burner Cape is a cape which has a 50% chance of ignoring Bleeds. Due to the way this modifier works, each time the player is dealt damage by a tick of bleed the cape has a chance of nullifying the entire effect. As a result this cape is very powerful against monsters with long lasting bleed effects, such as those within the Golden Cloud Mountains.

This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
Bleed Burner Cape
Bleed Burner Cape
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Item ID: melvorTotH:Bleed_Burner_Cape
Category: Misc
Type: Armour
Sells For: 850,000
Equipment Slot: Cape

+50% chance to ignore bleed

Item Sources:
  • Killing: Monster Croc
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes


Armour Stats
Offensive Stats Defensive Stats
  Strength Bonus 0   Defence Bonus 110
  Stab Bonus 0   Damage Reduction 3%
  Slash Bonus 0   Defence Bonus 110
  Block Bonus 0   Defence Bonus 0
  Attack Bonus 0 Equip Requirements
  Strength Bonus 0 None
  Attack Bonus 0
  % Damage Bonus 0%

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