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What to level second


This guide was written with the intent of giving a rather fresh player 3 good options for their first major goal in the game. It wants to cater to different kinds of players which is why the 3 example routes presented here have a different playstyle in mind.

The first route or goal is called 'the Completionist route'. It focuses on getting important key items, bonuses and in general useful stuff so that the rest of the game will be facilitated as much as possible.

The second route is called 'the Slayer of Gods route'. Its main goal is to complete the God dungeons as well as the dungeon Into the Mist as early as possible in order to gain great bonuses for the rest of the skills. These are the God dungeon upgrades which are buyable in the shop and the passive slot from completing Into the Mist.

The third route is called 'the Banker route'. Going for this route will unlock the most powerful money making method in the game: Fletching Dragon Javelins. After following this route the player will be swimming in money for all of their financial needs (which are a lot in this game).

The starting point for all of these routes is the aforementioned requirements from What to level first.

What you choose to do first depends entirely on your personal preference. Always remember that this guide does not think that these routes are the only way to play the game. In fact, it might be more enjoyable to figure out the game by yourself or with the help of the Melvor Idle Discord: Discord

The following guide starts where 'What to level first' left off. This means that you should have:

Skill or item Explanation
Woodcutting 99
Fishing 99
Firemaking 99
95% mastery pool in Firemaking +5% Global Mastery XP
at least 90 Summoning with 31 marks from WC, Fishing and FM
Astrology 99 with at least Deedree 80 and Ameria 80
Agility 20
Ancient Ring of Skills +8% Global Skill XP
Ancient Ring of Mastery +7% Global Mastery XP
Firemaking Skillcape +5% Global Skill XP
Pyro +1% Global Skill XP

The Completionist route

What you will get

This should set you up with the most useful items and bonuses for the game. In the beginning, we will concentrate on getting more global bonuses, the most important being skill and mastery xp. A lot of research went into planning a logical sequence of obtaining items and bonuses. The bonuses were chosen by how easy they are to obtain and how much benefit they bring to the table.

In this guide you will get the following items:

Globally useful items
Item Bonus
Aorpheat's Signet Ring When equipped +100% GP granted from all sources except Alt. Magic and Item Sales, +5% chance to obtain double loot from slain monsters or Thieving, +10% chance to gain double resources from any skill.
Amulet of Looting Passive: Auto-loots when equipped
Book of Scholars Passive: +3% Global Skill XP and -15% Global GP (except Item Sales)
Chapeau Noir Passive: +10% Chance To Double Loot in Combat and +10% Chance to Double Items in Thieving
Clue Chasers Insignia 10% increased chance to receive Global Rare Items, Mastery Tokens, Bird Nests from Woodcutting, Gems from Mining, and Coal from Firemaking
Crown of Rhaelyx +10% chance to preserve resources in non-combat skills (Does not work with Alt. Magic).

This bonus is increased to 25% if there is at least 1 Charge of Rhaelyx in your bank. There is a 0.1% chance a Charge will be destroyed per action

Gold Emerald Ring Passive: +4% Combat XP. Does not work with Slayer or Alt. Magic.
Merchant's Permit permanent 10% discount on all skill gloves that can be purchased from the Shop
Ring of Wealth +7% Chance to Double Items Globally and -3% Chance to Preserve Resources in Skills
Skill-specific items
Item Bonus
Amulet of Incantation -0.2s Magic Interval and +10% Rune Preservation for Alt. Magic Spells
Chef's Hat +1% Cooking Skill XP, +1% Cooking Mastery XP, and -0.1s Cooking Interval
Chef's Spoon +1% Cooking Skill XP, +1% Cooking Mastery XP, and +2% chance to successfully Cook an item
Cooking Apron +1% Cooking Skill XP, +1% Cooking Mastery XP, and +20% Food Healing Value
Fine Coinpurse Passive: +10% Global GP (except Item Sales)
Golbin Mask +20 Stealth while Thieving, +20 GP From Thieving, and +2% Thieving Mastery XP
Jeweled Necklace +5% Global GP (except Item Sales)
Lumberjack's Top +2% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting and +2% Woodcutting Mastery XP
Miner's Helmet +3% Chance to deal no Damage to a Mining Node and +2% Mining Mastery XP
Nature's Call Staff Reduces the Nature Rune cost of spells by 1, and grants access to the Nature's Call Spell
Sailor's Top -3% chance to receive Special Items from Fishing
Sneak-Ers +40 Stealth while Thieving and +5% Global GP (except Item Sales)
Thiever's Cape +25 Stealth while Thieving, +10% GP From Thieving, and +2% Thieving Skill XP
Skill requirements

There are a few skills in this game which are designed to facilitate other skills so we will want to level these up as well. We will want to get:

First preparations

Because a lot of the items that are either globally useful or useful in certain skills come from Thieving, we will have to make sure that we have enough Hitpoints to survive their hits. Therefore, we will have to level up our Combat Level as well as getting the Auto Eat upgrades from the shop. This is done so that we can idle the thieving targets. We will start by going back to fishing for three reasons:

  1. Getting money for the Auto Eat (AE) upgrades
  2. Getting 300 Salmon and Herring for Pit Jump
  3. Getting enough Raw Magic Fish to sustain the combat and thieving grind

And here is how we will do it:

  • Equip your best fishing gear which should include the Fishing Skillcape and the Amulet of Fishing.
  • Change the Ameria bonuses to **total** at least +5% Chance to Double Items in Fishing and -3% Fishing Interval.

In this guide, we will usually work with these numbers. A 5% total bonus from Standard Modifiers should be easily obtainable without too much re-rolling and the same goes for 3% bonuses from all Unique Modifiers combined.

  • Build Octopus to go with your fishing grind as it will speed up the process.
  • Get 300 Salmon and Herring and build Pit Jump.
  • Fish Raw Magic Fish for a total of Coins.svg 26,000,000. You should be able to get there while fishing overnight.
  • Fish even more Raw Magic Fish for 5k to 10k fish to equip as food.

This is all we needed to fish for right now. There is one more thing for us to do before we will go into combat. We will need to get some mastery levels in Astrology constellations. As mentioned earlier, this guide aims at easily achievable rolls. For this reason, we will generally aim for 5% in standard modifiers and 3% in unique modifiers. If you get better rolls that's good but do not stress it. In total we want:

Iridan 80 +5% Attack Skill XP, +3% of Maximum Hit added to Minimum Hit
Terra 80 +5% Strength Skill XP, +3% Strength Bonus from Equipment
Vale 80 +5% Hitpoints Skill XP, +3% Lifesteal or preserve Food when eaten
Tellus 80 +5% Defense Skill XP, +3% damage to Slayer Tasks

And we're done!

Leveling up Combat

After this section you will have:

Some general information on combat in general and in this guide. Feel free to skip this paragraph if you already know how combat works. Guide specific information is highlighted in bold:

  • First, go to settings and Toggle offline combat. Because we have Auto Eat Tier 3 we do not run the risk of dying in this guide. I will always list the required HP values to idle a certain monster when you are not already at the required threshold to do so.
  • To level a certain skill you will need to change your combat style in the combat menu. Stab gives Attack, Slash gives Strength and Block gives Defence. Hitpoint XP is gathered passively in combination with the other 3 skills.
  • While fighting you will discover new marks in Summoning. As you already know you will have to craft the corresponding tablets once in order to get more marks. This is why I recommend to craft them once when you get your first mark. This is easily doable by investing a little bit in Mining/Smithing for most of them. The table below shows you what you will need to craft a tablet:
Golbin Thief 50 Bronze Dagger - Smithing level 1
Wolf 50 Shrimp - Cooking level 1
Minotaur 50 Bronze Battleaxe - Smithing level 8
Cyclops Slayer Coins.svg 1,000
Yak 50 Bronze Shield - Smithing level 12
Dragon 5 Dragon Bones - obtained from killing Dragons; the guide will tell you when it is feasible to go for this tablet.
  • Slayer: the way slayer works is that you get XP and Slayer Coins for killing monsters that are your current Slayer target. You can find the Slayer tab in the combat menu. When you click on 'New Task' and 'Easy', you will randomly be assigned a monster to hunt. For easy target (meaning ranging from level 1-50) you can reset your target for free. That means you can cancel your assignment and roll for a new one. This will be done throughout the guide, so that the monster we are killing is also our Slayer target.

That is all you need to know about combat for now.

Here is how we will accomplish the goals list at the beginning of this section:

Now is a good time to get Clue Chasers Insignia. I recommend following this guide: Easter_Eggs#Clue_Chasers_Insignia

  • Kill Frozen Archer until you have your combat stats at 20/20/20. This is done to have a good baseline for further grinding.
  • Kill Mithril Knight for a big upgrade to your current equipment. You will want to get full Mithril armor as well as Mithril Sword and Mithril Scimitar. Getting the Mithril Platelegs and Mithril Platebody might take a while because they have drop rate of 0.93% and 0.19% respectively.
  • Now you will want 40 Attack to go for our next equipment upgrade. The most efficient way to get this is to continue killing Frozen Archers.
  • At 40 Attack we want to get the Ice Sword from the Ice Monster. You need 23 Hitpoints in order to idle this enemy which you should have at this point. The drop rate here is really good at 10% so this will take no time at all.
  • Now grind your Strength and Defence up to level 40.
    You have two options here:
    1. Going for Frozen Archer again for the highest XP/hour at 20.7k or
    2. Going for Adult Farmer with an hourly rate of 16.2k XP/hour or Master Farmer at 14.8k XP/hour. The reason to go for these enemies is to get more seeds to use in Farming and Herblore later.
    At 40/40/40 in your combat skills you should also be at around 40 Hitpoints.
  • Another equipment upgrade. Kill Adamant Knights for their armor set. They actually have a better drop rate than their Mithril counterparts at 2.08% chance per piece. You will not need the weapons this time because the Ice Sword is still better at this point. If you are lucky you might also get an Obsidian Cape which is a good defensive cape option.
  • Last but not least we will face our first dungeon: the Spider Forest.
    First, turn on Automatically restart dungeon in the settings menu. We want to stay here until we get the Amulet of Looting which will enable us to automatically pick up loot from combat when we wear it. The drop rate is 4.55%. Feel free to idle this dungeon overnight. You will use around 200 Raw Magic Fish per hour so make sure you account for this.

Tadaa! This concludes the combat section of this guide. Now we are well-prepared to get a lot of useful items in a short amount of time.

- kill Frozen Archers until 45 HP and around 40/40/40 - get Amulet of Looting - farm Adamant Knights for full Adamant armor but at least platebody, legs and shield

At this point we're going to start a thieving grind for a lot of beneficial items.

- buy thieving gloves - steal man till 4 - steal woman till 12 - steal bandit thug till thievers cape - steal golbin chief till golbin mask - go back to woman till jeweled necklace and fine coinpurse - at 30 thieving get 500 teak, 500 coal and 500 onion seeds (from bird nests --> bird nest potions?! ; ent octopus) - agility to 30, build gap jump, level to 40 - mining to 30, copper/tin to 15, iron to 30 - steal merchant till merchants permit - steal assistant cook till chef's spoon - steal chef till chef's hat - at 50 thieving change agility obstacle 5 to Rooftop Run (500 lemontyle from merchant, 750 lobster from chef) - steal dock hand till sailor's top - steal lumberjack for lumberjack's top - steal miner for miner's helmet (acolyte first if at 75 thieving) - steal acolyte for book of skills - level mining to 40 - get enough silver and gold ore for upgrading adamant armor (1250 silver, 2500 gold) - buy smithing gloves - smith bronze bars and gear to level 10 - smith iron bars and gear to level 30 - smith silver bars to level 40 and get 1250 silver bars - smith gold bars until you have 2500 of them - upgrade your adamant armor to their (g) variants for a total of 20% DR or 12% from platebody, platelegs and shield - smith one pair of steel gloves or mithril gloves if your mining is at 50 and you have 44 smithing (which you should have from smithing gold bars) - level hp to 48 by killing bandits which give you the highest xp/hour and access to amulets of ranged which will be useful for the future (FEZ) - steal court jester for ring of wealth (can equip book of scholars with adamant platebody and platelegs (g)) - steal wizard for amulet of incantation (need adamant shield (g))