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Unlike the previous chapter, the items from this section are extremely minor, niche and non-universal. There are situations where God gloves and rings are better than the sidegrades obtained here. It is a considerable grind on the order of around 750 hours (~1 month) to unlock everything required for this section. The main purpose is for completionist over anything else. All that being said, it is possible to complete this grind on a HCCO character, and this section will detail the process.

There are very few substitutions to be made in this section, as the Slayer area effect is so strong that half of the equipment slots are dedicated to Slayer effect negation, while the remainder are for DR. As a CO it is only possible to negate a maximum of 95% of the area effect, so all of the enemies will passively heal throughout the fight. This makes DPS and stunning effects two of the most important considerations. Additionally, since the grind is so long and expensive while requiring many items from Earth God Dungeon, the pet Erran is assumed for all of these calculations, giving a passive +1% DR.

Luckily, due to the triple Master slayer gear requirement, the +9% doubling reduces the average kills quite considerably. Again, since this is such a long grind and of completionist nature, all of the doubling pets ( Golden Golbin, Rosey and Aquarias) are all assumed to be owned, as they are quite easy to obtain compared to this grind. Each monster here has an average completion rate of 4000, but this is reduced to 3520 due to the +12% doubling.

The overall Slayer task strategy is similar to the previous section, except there is no longer a preferred order for any of the monsters as the upgrades each one gives is minor. This means that if the Auto Slayer task trick is employed again (detailed above in the T90 guide), there is a good chance (4/9) of rolling at least one task that you can tackle at any given time, and there is a 3/9 chance of rolling another Unhallowed Wasteland monster for free after completing a task. As master slayer gear has already been obtained, one should always extend their Slayer tasks here. All of these effects massively reduce the slayer coins needed to spend on rerolls. Doing this section on task is highly recommended, as the average amount of Crab needed to complete this section is around 250k. Buying Standard Resupply will almost entirely replenish all of the food used. One can further macro-maximise their rerolls by farming Hunting Greater Dragon tasks as they arise while farming Jadestone Bolts as detailed in the Cursed Lich section. Because of the overall complexity of reroll strategies, reroll costs will not be factored into the overall calculations below. A very rough estimate for the total amount spent on rerolls for this entire section would be in the ballpark of around 750k-1m, essentially equating to 11.25-15k and 1.5-2m prayer points over the cumulative values reported in the sections below.

A link to the raw data used for the calculations in this section can be found here.

Legaran Wurm

Recommended gear


Like before with Rokken, these two gear sets are not interchangeable, although the passive slot can freely be any spare master slayer item. Both sets meet the necessary DR required, but the left setup is slightly more kills/hr due to Ragnar offering slightly higher net offensive stats. The DR threshold for Legaran Wurm is 46% with Earth Layered Shield and 45% with Dragonfire Shield. Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs is not recommended, as the stun effect from Fighter Amulet not only reduces food usage, it speeds up the fight by limiting the healing effect of Legaran Wurm.

The prayers used are Protect from Ranged and Battleheart. As a considerable portion of our DPS comes from the special attack of Tidal Edge, Battleheart is the most effective offensive prayer. Due to the consistent stuns of Fighter Amulet, this is the least painful monster of the four.

Efficiency Notes

  • The food usage is around 670 /hr and 30k prayer
  • Expect around 63k Slayer coin income, profiting both food and prayer when spent on Standard Resupply
  • Kill speed is around 53 kills/hr
  • Total grind is around 66 hours

Cursed Lich

Recommended gear


The main consideration for this section is which bolts to use. The comparison between the two bolts is as follows.

Sapphire Bolts are obtained in almost infinite supply from Standard Resupply, and so can essentially be considered "0-time" gathering. However, the lost DPS has a compounding effect, as the enemy can then heal more health the longer it is left alive. The total amount of ammo needed is around 75k Sapphire Bolts and yield around 53 kills/hr while Cursed Lich consumes the most food out of the four at a painful 1,350 Crab per hour. The total grind for this section will therefore be around 67 hours, resulting in -26k Crab after Standard Resupply are bought, as we do obtain about 65k slayer coins/hr.

Jadestone Bolts on the other-hand require killing Hunting Greater Dragon. If one farms for the Perilous Peaks pet Peri primarily on Hunting Greater Dragon, then around 150k will be obtained by 7500 KC, and only 60k is required for completing Burning Madness Gloves. Even with the quickest strategy of equally farming Wicked Greater Dragon and Hunting Greater Dragon (that is, skipping Chaotic Greater Dragon due to lack of triangle bonus), one should expect to obtain enough for this whole grind, with Sapphire Bolts perfectly acceptable to finish up with if needed. Again due to the combo of Tidal Edge and Fighter Amulet, Hunting Greater Dragon are by far the easiest of the three enemies in Perilous Peaks, consuming only 470 /hr while raking in around Slayer Coins.svg 110k/hr.

If one has to go out of their way to grind Jadestone Bolts, then expect around 2700 /hr. This will add around 22 hours to the total grind and save around 14 hours while farming Cursed Lich, as the kill speed is around 66 kills/hr for a total duration of 53 hours. This will also independently profit around 25k Crab.

In either case, not accounting for any slayer coins obtained while farming Hunting Greater Dragon, expect around -6k Crab at the end of this grind after buying Standard Resupply. The slayer coin income is around 82k/hr.

Downgrading from Deadeye Amulet to Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs will save a slight amount of food, but result in 3 less kills/hr, totalling a 56 hour grind all up with Jadestone Bolts. The DR requirement here is 45%, which is easily obtained with either amulet.

The prayers used are Protect from Magic and Rigour. tends to be the best prayer for Ranged.

Spiked Red Claw

Recommended Gear


As we are in the Magic section, expect pain.

There are no real substitutions or considerations to be made for this monster. The DR requirement is 54% with Magic, and the above gear gives 51%. We obtain 2% from both DR pets and the remaining 1% from the prayer Stone Skin and excess DR reducing food usage. The other prayer we use is Protect from Melee. Guardian Amulet is not recommended as it is a considerable DPS loss, but it is still an item which will allow the DR threshold to be reached if one does need it.

This fight is excruciatingly slow, only yielding around 34 kills/hr. The total runes required is around 130k Air Rune, 130k Mind Rune and 260k Light Rune for Water Strike and a minor boost from Fury II. From the rune farming guide in the Umbora section, this will take around 220 hours of rune farming at 800 /hr and 2,150 /hr. The actual fight with the monster will take a further 103 hours, totalling 323 hours. We consume around 950 /hr during the fight. Due to the low kill speed, Standard Resupply do not replenish us in this section. We spend around -30k Crab, but we do profit around 650k prayer points due to the lack of excessive multi-hit moves on Spiked Red Claw that drain prayer.

Greater Skeletal Dragon

Recommended Gear


This is exact same gear and prayers as Spiked Red Claw being Protect from Melee and Stone Skin, but there is an unavoidable complication with this monster over the others...

Due to the nature of affliction stacks, there is currently no 100% safe way to idle this monster. There will always be an extremely, extremely low chance of death (estimated around 1/750k per fight from combat simulator) if the enemy can stack enough affliction stacks on us before we kill it.

If you are comfortable with that risk and/or plan to make regular backups of your character then proceed. If you are not a HC character, you can swap Stone Skin for Protect Item and accept a very low chance of death while farming. Unfortunately without Stone Skin the death rate rises to around 1/30k, which is over 20 times more likely, but still a rare event so it is a trade-off. Similarly, Battleheart can be used for an additional +4 kills/hr with the same increased death rate. Protect from Melee is non-negotiable (compared to the other monsters where it can technically be substituted for offensive prayers), as the dodge chance drastically slows the rate of affliction stacks accumulating. Without Protect from Melee the death rate is around 1/25.

The alternative is to save this grind until after expansion where more sources of DR and HP will undoubtedly be added to the game.

Efficiency notes

This monster consumes less food than the other melee monster, but more prayer. Very similar kills/hr to Spiked Red Claw, but slightly less runes

  • 34 kills/hr, 21.5 prayer/hr, 450 /hr
  • 125k Air Rune, 125k Mind Rune and 250k Light Rune
  • Total grind is 212 hours farming runes and 103 hours killing the monster, totalling 315 hours.
  • Due to the relatively low consumption, we profit around 24k . We only barely profit around 75k prayer points
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